Saturday, February 22, 2014

theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer

I do believe myself to be a woman of simple needs. All I truly need to be happy is a little bit of sun, surf and sand. Given that I grew up the beach, I do love the aesthetic of bronzed glowing skin, and my bronzer of choice for the past six months has been the Balm's Bahama Mama.

Bahama Mama is quite dark and cool toned in the pan, and the colour applies very pigmented. However my method of application involves only a light touch of the pan using a fluffy angled brush that blends the colour flawlessly on my face. The reason this method works so well is that this powder blends so flawlessly into the skin. As the finish is matte, I use this as both a bronzer and a contour shade, and it works very well for both purposes.

Bahama Mama

(Please excuse the eczema on my neck)

I love this bronzer. The application of this powder and it's ability to seamlessly blend into my skin makes it an absolute delight to wear. The colour lasts all day on my skin and it would be suitable for a lot of skin tones, from very light (like me!) to medium-dark. I have worn it at least 4 times a week for 6 months and there isn't a visible dent in the powder so I'd say this is going to last me a very long time! I continue to be impressed by the quality of the Balm's products.

Do you like to wear bronzer? What is your favourite product from the Balm?



  1. I really like frat boy from them but wasn't using it very often. I use Laguna religiously as bronzer. This looks great on you!

  2. Woah this looks absolutely terrifying and I wasn't convinced that it would look nice but when I saw the photo of you wearing it I was amazed - it's gorgeous! I like that it's not too orange toned. x

  3. Oh my, it looks soooo good on you! I didn't notice your neck at all until I read the caption! It looks perfect on you although you're so pale, it's lovely! I wouldn't have thought such a deep bronzer swatched would look like that applied properly! I sooo want this now!

    1. Thanks lovely! I am glad you think it looks good too, I am really happy with the effect it gives :)

  4. oh wow it is so bold!! at first I thought it was eye shadow on your hand swatch!!
    it looks very nice on you!! gives such a nice color!

  5. I love my bronzers, I've been using the bobbi brown bronzer as drugstore bronzers tend to make me look dirty lol. This bronzer looks amazing on your skin, you're glowing ^_^

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  6. I don't really care for bronzers (it looks like poo on my face), but this one looks great! It looks really nice and natural on you :) love the lippy too :)

  7. So lovely! This comes across so naturally on your skin tone. Love i, I think I am going to have to go try this one out! X

  8. That looks lovely on you - I'm always searching for the perfect contour product and this could be a contender!

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  10. omg i just got this bronzer! love it too! looks great on you =)

  11. Thanks for this post! I have been recently trying to find a good contour colour, and being pale and cheekbone-less, I never thought I would find the right shade. I bought this (somewhat) on a whim, and am hoping I can get it to work well on my skin. Fingers crossed!!

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