Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Burberry Eye Shadows in Pale Barley and Rosewood

Y'all honestly have no idea how much I enjoy a good eye shadow. One of my most coveted beauty purchases in my makeup history was two Burberry Eye Shadows in Pale Barley and Rosewood. You are going to have to forgive my inability to make words in this review because I can't even with these eye shadows. They are perfection.

The gunmetal packaging, embossed with the signature Burberry check is a piece of art in itself. The luxurious quality doesn't stop at just the packaging though, as the formulation of these shadows is exceptionally soft and pigmented. The application of these is flawless, they blend seamlessly onto the eye in a beautiful, natural way that does complete justice to the Burberry aesthetic.

Pale Barley and Rosewood

Burberry Rosewood

Burberry Pale Barley

With the addition of these two eye shadows to my collection I find myself strangely satisfied with my eye shadow collection. The quality of the Burberry shadows is unmatched among those I've tried (except perhaps for my Tom Ford Quad, but that another review coming). If you love eye shadow, these are the cream of the crop. Get your hands on some, you won't regret it!

Have you tried any Burberry Beauty products? What is on your wish list from the brand?



  1. Rosewood is amazing on you! Love it. I wish I hadn't read this haha, makes me want to buy ASAP! x

  2. I love my Burberry! I've got 3 so far - eyeshadow in No.6 Almond, a Burberry lip gloss and a Burberry lipstick. I've been thinking of adding more recently. Pale Barley and Rosewood look beautiful x MakeMeUpMandy

  3. These look so gorgeous. But I just can't justify the price at the moment. I'd need to use up some of my other eye shadows first.

  4. Wow Rosewood looks amazing on you . I haven't tried anything Burberry

  5. Both look soooo pretty on you! You've applied and blended them perfectly :) I'm thinking whether I should've picked up Rosewood when I bought Pale Barley and Midnight Brown ... or substituted one of them for it. Looking forward to the Tom Ford quad review ;)

  6. Oooooh both shades look gorgeous on you! Rosewood is long on my wish list.
    I am a huge fan of Burberry eye shadow, I think they have by far one of the best formula and the packaging is also amazing, totally worth the price ^^

  7. No, I've got no products from them but since I've seen them from last year, I've wanted rose wood so badly! I think it's such a perfect medium rose brown cool shade! You look like a neutral eyed glam doll!

  8. Rosewood is on its way to me as we speak! You're a bad influence! Considering pale barley too, they look amazing on you.

  9. Such a freaking stunner! I have had my eye on Rosewood for ages!!!

  10. Baaaabe! You've awakened my lemming for Pale Barley again. ARGHHH! LOL.
    It's so beautiful on you. And these two are just.. WOW! Must get my hands on Rosewood too :)

  11. omg these are SOOOO beautiful! hopefully i can invest in a burberry shadow one day. just found your blog and its gorgeous

    Stephanie's Look

  12. Great post! Those two eyeshadows have been on my list. I ended up getting a lip mist in copper over getting Rosewood but I will get it later on. Pale Barley is such a unique shade. It has been out of stock for a year (and sold out worldwide) but recently came back so I had to get it as I've been waiting so long.

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