Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My MAC Lipstick Collection

MAC are one of those makeup brands who are just coveted online for their Lipstick offerings. Their extensive range of permanent lipsticks plus their constant stream of limited edition collections tends overwhelm me to be honest, however over the past couple of years I've managed to accumulate 8 of these lipsticks, and I thought I'd swatch and share them with you!

Hue, Cremecup, Hug Me, Lustering, Craving, Impassioned, Party Parrot and Lady Danger

Hue, Creme Cup, Hug Me, Lustering, Craving, Impassioned, Party Parrot and Lady Danger

For anyone who has never tried MAC Lipsticks before, they are available in a heap of different finishes, including Cremesheen (cream finish), Matte (matte finish), Lustre (sheer finish) and many more. They come in plain black tubes, with a vanilla scent. I find that the printing on the inside of some of my tubes is starting to wear off (as seen with Impassioned) but overall the packaging is very sleek.

Hue - Glaze Finish
Hue is a semi sheer, pink leaning nude. I tend to reach for Hue whenever I want to blank out my lips in favour of a more dramatic eye look. It's not one of those nudes that makes your lips look super full however it's still one I reach for fairly often.

Creme Cup - Cremesheen Finish
Creme Cup is a cream finish, light warm pink lipstick. This is quickly becoming one of my favourite lipsticks. It's just warm enough to be more flattering on my skin-tone than cooler, blue toned pinks.

Hug Me - Lustre Finish
Hug Me is a sheer, brown toned nude. Sadly, Hug Me isn't as flattering as on me as I thought it was when I first bought it. The more I have worn it, the more I think it would suit someone with a darker skintone better. I will probably go ahead and sell this one.

Lustering - Lustre Finish
Lustering is a sheer medium pink. I don't use Lustering as much as I should because it is a beautiful colour and super flattering on the lips. I can imagine this lipstick would be flattering on any skintone as it can be sheered out or layered to it's full colour capacity.

Craving - Amplified Finish
Craving is an opaque plum berry. I don't like how craving looks with my skintone and hair colour. I think it looked a lot better on me when I had brown hair for some reason. It's a pretty shade but just not my thing. I want to sell this one too.

Impassioned - Amplified Finish
Impassioned is an opaque, warm toned hot pink. There was a point about a year ago when I was wearing Impassioned nearly every day I was so in love with the colour. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an out there lipstick to try!

Party Parrot - Matte Finish (Limited Edition)
Party Parrot is a matte, warm toned hot pink. Party Parrot is essentially the matte version of Impassioned. I find I prefer the matte finish of Party Parrot rather than Impassioned but, I do doubt my sanity in purchasing the same shade of lipstick twice.

Lady Danger - Matte Finish
Lady Danger is a matte, orange toned leaning red. I like Lady Danger as a red, but I don't wear it as often as the more blue based Nars Dragon Girl. It isn't as super matte as I like in my matte lipsticks either, it feels as though it still has a little sheen, and so does Party Parrot.

Overall, I am happy with the quality of the MAC Lipsticks I own and I think the colours are great. However I would like to sell Craving and Hug Me, if you'd like to buy them ($10 each) please email me (mishellesleepytime[at]gmail[dot]com)

If you have any shades you would recommend, please let me know in the comments!


PS: Thank you to the lady who came up to me at work and said she reads my blog. You made my day and I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to chat with you, we are kind of hectic this time of year. Tweet me @shellocalypse if you'd like to chat!


  1. I wanted party parrot for the longest time but was unable to get it. Creme Cup is gorgeous, I own it too. Lovely collection.

  2. Love party parrot and craving, it's a shame that party parrot is limited edition otherwise I would be running to the MAC counter to buy it!

    Basmah Laceeandlattes

  3. Nice collection! I really want creme cup.

  4. Oh Craving is lovely!

  5. MAC lipsticks are just gorgeous. I mean, I don't own any but I have heard so many incredible things about them and they just look perfect. I think I might buy myself one for a Christmas present but I just wish they weren't so expensive in Australia. x

  6. I always always love how MAC lipsticks look on people but not on me T-T
    I have few MAC lipsticks which I bought because I really wanted to like them but I just can't, the formula is just not for me I guess..
    Lady danger is so beautiful!!! I have ruby woo,but it is a bit too dry for my liking.

  7. I didn't know that Impassioned and Party Parrot were so similar! They really look the same but just one is matte. I love posts featuring people's MAC lipstick collections and this one was no exception :) I think I need a red for next time...

  8. Love your collection! I was so disappointed I missed out on Party Parrot but now I've seen how similar Impassioned is, I can probably pick it up! Loving Lady Danger! I bet it looks stunning on you ;)
    (Even though I can see your lips - I want to see your whole face haha!)

  9. OOO...I would love to covet Hug Me, Craving and Party Parrot! I really think although your collection is small you have a great range of wearable shades! I totally would love Hug Me, it's such a good 'nude' shade and I think it would work for me and Craving is just a nice burst of mauvey berry! Thanks for sharing! i don't own any mac lipsticks but want to next year!

  10. Party Parrot is insane! It looks great on you. I've only got two MAC lippies atm (Girl About Town and Ruby Woo) but have ordered another two :) soo excited! Wish they weren't so damn expensive here though.

  11. I love Impassioned- such a gorgeous color!

  12. Let me just say... I am very jealous of your collection, haha.

  13. Love craving, might have to check this one out! I love lady danger and have it in a palette but it is a bit out of my blue based comfort zone too

  14. Love your collection! I'm awaiting my purchase of the shade Cosmo at the moment and can't wait to have my first MAC lipstick in my own hands. What a shame that you didn't think Hug Me and Craving suited your skintone- I'm really loving Hug Me though.

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  16. cremecup is my favourite from your collection ^^


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