Sunday, December 15, 2013

Laura Mercier Artist's Palette for Eyes

I have been looking at Laura Mercier eye shadows for about a year now, but the steep prices and fear of the unknown allowed to avoid committing, until I happened upon the Artist's Palette. This is technically the second Laura Mercier Artist's Palette For Eyes, with one being released last year as well. Sadly this palette is completely sold out now but considering that eye shadows it contains are permanent I thought that it still warranted a review.

The packaging on this palette is a soft plastic fabric, with a pebbled finish that can easily be wiped down. It shuts with a magnetic closure and has Laura Mercier printed onto the mirror. Overall the packaging feels and looks super luxurious and I really appreciate the fact that it doesn't waste space giving me applicators/brushes that I will throw away 2.7 seconds after opening.

Oh yeah, can I just say that the selection of shades in this palette is spectacular. And there is such a nice combination of shimmers and mattes. After using this palette for a few weeks, I never again want to buy an eye shadows palette that does not include a matte highlight shade, just saying.

The texture of the shadows is very smooth, soft and pigmented. I would liken the texture to that of the Balm. The shimmers overall are very refined but there are no super frosty, metallic finishes in this palette. The most extreme colour is African Violet, due to the beautiful gold shimmer it reflects in the sun. The texture of the matte shadows is what really blew me away in the colour selection. Talk about some smooth, fully pigmented mattes. Despite the awful name, Vanilla Nuts is a shade you'll probably see me hit pan on very quickly, as the texture is so wonderful that I find myself reaching for this palette just to use that shade as a matte brow bone highlight. Maybe I should invest in the single shadow of that one too.

One other thing that intially disappointed me was in the pan the shades Guava, Primrose and Fresco look super same same. But when swatched Guava is certainly more pink where as Primrose and Fresco are more beige/brown, meaning I reach for them more often.

Sparkling Dew (Shimmering Ivory), Guava (Shimmering Lt. Pink), African Violet (Violet with Gold Shimmer), Plum Smoke (Matte Mauve), Kir Royal (Satin Aubergine), Violet Ink (Dark Matte Violet)

Vanilla Nuts (Matte Ivory) , Primrose (Shimmering Beige), Fresco (Light Shimmering Brown), Bamboo (Shimmering Golden Brown), Truffle (Matte Chocolate), Espresso Bean (Matte Black Brown)

Wearing Fresco on the Lid, Kir Royal and Violet Ink in the Crease, Lined with Espresso

The purple wasn't super obvious in this picture.
(Also, another example of how much the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder airbrushes your face!)

If you're going to take a look into the Laura Mercier Eye Shadows, I think you'd be very happy with any of the shades in this palette, they are all of stellar quality. If you're looking to splurge on a single my top three colours would have to be Vanilla Nuts, Fresco and Espresso Bean. The quality of the matte eye shadows in particular may just be the best I have tried so far.

Also, if you by some chance did have the opportunity to get your hands on this palette, I'd highly recommend it. If not, hopefully Laura Mercier will release a third Artist Palette next year.

Have you tried Laura Mercier's products? What is your favourite?



  1. I have that first artists palette and the shadows are so lovely :) the problem with LM is that each palette is so similar though, so I couldn't buy this one as I had pretty much every shade already! Love the eye look you created with this, it's stunning <3

  2. Thanks Emma! Yeah the shades were a little similar to the first one now I google it! I know laura mercier are infamous for including African violet in every palette ever!

  3. oh they look so good!! and what a cute gif.!! :-)
    I have not tried the eye shadows from Laura Mercier but I loveeee their body care range. I love their perfumes, the ones that smell like yummy dessert as well as the body souffl├ęs and body creams..
    I have tried their famous tinted moisturizer as well but i am not really a fan..

  4. Amazing, I totally think this palette is worth it. The colors are so wearable, plummy and easy to pair! The packaging is just so high end and yet simple, nothing flashy and very classy! I only own a blush shimmer bloc from them but no shadows! I want to try a foundation from them! You look very lovely with the shadows!

  5. I haven't tried any products from laura mercier, but I love the look of the palette! Very wearable colours ^_^

  6. I love the look of the Bamboo shade, right up my alley!

  7. I seriously love each shade, every shade is one that I would totally wear.
    Where are we able to buy this?

  8. It's a very pretty palette! The shades make a statement yet they're so soft. That shade looks lovely on you. I've only tried Laura Mercier's bath products (which are divine).

  9. Love the purple in this eye makeup look!

    xx, hello, Cathy

  10. Ughhh. Those are so pretty. Especially African Violet and Violent Ink. I'm so sad I missed out on this.

  11. I love the look of Plum Smoke and Bamboo - two shades totally up my alley. I've been trying to get the first LM Artists palette and this one for two consecutive years ... give up :p I will try to be contented with my Lingerie Eye & Cheek palette haha. The gif you made to show the look you did is awesome! And you're being an amazing spokesperson for Diffused Light ;)

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