Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Manicure Must Haves

Y'all probably know by now that I am nail obsessed. As someone who paints their nails every single night I have whittled my nail routine down to the quick, easy and effecive. These are the essentials that I will repurchase time and time again.

The loot

Everyone needs a great nail file. After using traditionally nail files for years I heard a lot about the effectiveness of glass or crystal nail files. When I went searching at Priceline, the only one I found was the Manicare Glass Nail File. And it is amazing. I find my nails flaking less and so much faster to shape. And mine is still as good as the day I bought it!

A good hand cream is another essential. I've tried many, but I think my all time favourite is L'Occitane's Delicious Hands. This hand cream smells like almonds and it leave my hands feeling soft and smelling sweet.

Nail polish remover isn't a very exciting product but I know I'm not the only one who can't stand the smell. That's why I was so happy when a friend introduced me to the Coles Nail Polish Remover. It smells like lemons, and is the only nice smelling polish remover I have ever found. And it's only $3 a bottle, bargain!

If you aren't using a good top and base coat, what the hell are you doing? No but seriously, the combination of a good top and base coat can help to lengthen the wear of your polish and protect your natural nails from staining. For base coat, my holy grail is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener. This stuff is the But seriously, this product has made such a huge difference to my nails and they are longer and stronger now than they have ever been. Finally, yes, the old seche. Seche Vite is a hit with so many nail lovers and there is a damn good reason why. It dries your polish in seconds and it helps to keep your polish lasting for days. I went off it for a while but now I don't think I'll ever go back to anything else.

So those are my manicure essentials, I'd love to know what yours are in the comments!



  1. Ooh I love seeing nail related posts! I also use the Coles remover (mostly because I'm a cheapskate) and SV, couldn't paint my nails without it.

  2. Wow, you paint your nails every night!!! Since having my little boy I have hardly done mine, and every time I plan to, he wants my attention!!
    I love lemon scented products so I will definitely try the Coles nail polish remover, love the price too!

  3. Loved this post, I have recently become nail obsessed. Thanks for the Coles remover recommendation. I a going crazy with the smell and was really on the look out of one.. thanks :)

  4. Great post lovely! I also use a crystal file.. I find it to be so much better! My nails remain stronger! xx

  5. I haven't tried a glass nail file... yet! Will be looking out for it when I do a shop next :)

  6. L'occitane have the best hand creams! I love the range you got, I've got the exfoliator in that range, smells like apples :)

  7. great items, I want to try some of them :)

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