Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fruity Delights

I don't know which company first used the term "lip butter" to describe their product, but I feel like it might have been Korres. If you haven't heard of these fruity pots of general delight, well I'm here to fill you in. I guess this goes against a lot of beauty bloggers but I generally don't own more than one or two of the same product in different colours, however for these I made the exception and had to 'catch them all'.

The four flavours that I own are Pomegranate, Mango, Quince and Jasmine. They generally taste and smell pretty much 100% true to the real scent, as opposed to that artificial fruity scent you find in other cosmetics and lollies too. The texture of these is so creamy and buttery, and they feel like absolute heaven on the lips. Even though these are a colour cosmetic, the skincare benefits of these lip butters are that they really give you soft, amazing feeling lips.

Pomegranate, Mango, Quince, Jasmine





As you can see, on the lips they behave very much like most tinted lip-balms that I have tried. They give a hint of the colour, with mango being the most pigmented. Jasmine, being white in colour, isn't really suitable for every day where in my opinion, as it kind of washes out the lips. I tend to neglect this one in favour of the others, for this reason. In terms of flavour my favourite is a tie between quince and mango. But each person will probably like a different one, depending on which fruit you enjoy eating the most! Overall I would highly, highly recommend the Korres Lip Butters. They are my holy grail lipbalms, I only wish they came in a stick rather than a pot (for hygiene reasons).

The Korres Lip Butters retail for $14 on I really want to get the rose one too!

What is your holy grail lip balm?



  1. These are amazing! I've been lusting after Pomegranate and Mango for a bit, but I've managed to put it off as I'm not really a huge fan of lightly pigmented products and I do have enough lip balms to keep me busy for the next few months...

    BUT I still want them!

    I have to admit the pots put me off buying them a bit too, I'd definitely have fallen if they came in a tube!

  2. I've been lusting after these for so long! They sound amazing!

  3. I think these do come in a stick form, it's just that the pot ones are more popular (I guess they'd have to change the soft formulation for it to be a stick). I've heard so many raves about these lip balms, I definitely have them on my wishlist. Quince and Pomegranate are soo pretty. :) x

  4. Love these - have two in my handbag at all times. My Jasmine one has pretty much run out, thankfully I have a backup ready :) My favourite is probably Pomegranate followed by Mango. I neglect Wild Rose though I do own that one as well - I actually quite like it as a cheek tint!

  5. I need to pick up one of those when I go to the States. I can't decide which one, though. They all look pretty! :D

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  6. oh pretty! mango looks fun :)

  7. I really, really, really want to try these! They give a nice wash of color but still look so moisturizing!

  8. Wow these look amazing. I love the packaging too, so sleek!
    I quite like burts bees lipbalm, it has a tingly effect on the lips.
    Lovely post :) xx

    Helen @

  9. Jasmine is my favourite! I love using it for a casual nude lip and it's always in my handbag :) I really want to try Mango and Wild Rose xx

  10. I love all these lip butters! Great review!

    xx, Gina

  11. They have more color than I thought they would. They look so nice xx

  12. I really want to try these they look so nice! Think mango looks like my favourite, I'm obsessed with coral/orange at the minute x

  13. These look so nice! I really want to try Pomegranate! xx

  14. I really like burts bees! They're natural and hydrating with a hint of minty scent.

  15. These sound amaaazing. I'd totally buy one but I have way too many lipbalms already!


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