Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Collective Hauleeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiooo

So remember that time I was on project pan? Well I gave up haha. I almost finished it mind you, I finished up about 25 products before I gave in! While I was away however and since I've been back I did a little shopping... Warning, there is a lot of nail stuff!

First up they were having a buy one get one free deal on Covergirl Outlast Nail Polish, so naturally I picked up 6 new ones. The colours that I picked up are Always Naked, Out of the Blue, Grapevine, Midnight Magic, Constant Caribbean and Perfect Penny.

After finding a very well stocked Essence atand I decided to pick up three more nail polishes in Absolutely Blue, That's What I Mint and Miss Universe. I also found three new polishes from Ulta3 which are Gossip, Outasight and Xoxo.

After warding away from Seche Vite for about 6 months (due to the ingredients) I decided to go back to it. I spoke with a couple of people who know more than me about science and it all seems pretty safe. Anyways I thought instead of buying the individual bottles I would buy the salon size. I also got Seche Restore to go with it, which is a nail polish restorer. The last bottle is a bottle of Duri Rejuvacote that is supposed to be a life changing base coat. I can't wait to see if it works out well for me!

I also decided to order some nail art bits. First are some nail art dotters in a heap of different sizes and second are some nail art brushes. These were both super cheap off ebay.

I also ordered this nail wheel full of tiny studs! Each shape has both silver and gold studs.

I got a huge bag full of these Fimo Canes, which are used for nail art too. I will do a tutorial on how to use these if you'd like?

More nail art yes, this one is a wheel full of pearls in varying sizes :D

Last nail thing, I promise! I wanted to order some swatch sticks to have a reference of the nail polish colours that I own :) so I have already painted quite a lot of them as you can see, but holy moly is it time consuming.

I have been wanting this palette since it first released and I FINALLY found it in David Jones yesterday. It is the Meet Matte Nude Palette from the Balm. I have been using matte shades a lot in the past couple of months and this colours in this palette really appealed to me :D

The shades in the palette

I have a few last makeup bits and pieces. First are some more Essence bits, a Stay with Me Lasting Lipgloss in Candy Bar and Essence Stays no Matter What Eyeliners in Midnight Black and Smokey Grey. I managed to forget a powder when I went away so I bought this Revlon Colorstay Aqua Setting Powder, because it was $5 in a chemist. The last thing is this Shell Compact Mirror from Colette. How cute is it?

The mirror

The shoes are from Target. I'm not sure what they are called but I love the colour and they were on sale for $15.

On the topic of shoes, I also picked up these babies from Betts. I wore them to my mum's 50th and they are actually quite comfortable!

I found these super cheap printed jeans at Katies, on sale for $15 a pair, so of course I got two!

I went shopping with my Nanna and she bought me this necklace, earrings and hair bow from Louvisa. I love the gunmetal with the blue colours, this trio looks so pretty with a plain black dress.

The last thing is this little leather satchel bag. I didn't own a small black leather bag and this was on sale for $50 from Pigeonhole, so I picked it up.

So what have you guys been hauling lately? Let me know if you've picked up any of these items!



  1. OMG awesome bumper haul, the Covergirl polishes look great, would love to see the NOTD post of ulta3 outasight ..

  2. I would love to see a tutorial on the Fimo canes, the first thing I thought to myself was How do you cut them?

    Nice Haul!!

  3. I love haul!! I guess every women love shopping :D
    The black purse is so pretty and vintage looking!! How do you like essence nail polishes? I think they're great for the price, aren't they? and the covergirl nail polishes kinda look a bit like Chanel nail polishes from far away. ^^

    1. Always ;) It was so cheap for how nice it is!!! They are kinda similar haha :D

  4. What a great haul!
    I love those Covergirl nail polishes! Where did you get them from?
    Ebay is always a great place to find beauty bargains :)

  5. love all the nail art

  6. Great haul! I'm also impressed that you finished so many products in your project pan :)

  7. LOVE what you bought! Absolutely Blue and That's What I Mint are really nice colors, and I really want to buy the Seche Vite topcoat! I love the eyeshadow palette, pants, flats, and the purse you bought too! :)

  8. Amazing haul! Would love to see some nail art tutorials!

  9. What a great haul! I got myself a couple of Covergirl polishes too, can't wait to try them out. I was so excited when I saw that Ulta3 had new shades- I recently bought xoxo too and I love layering it over Melted Marshmallow, also by Ulta3- it looks absolutely pretty :) The Meet Matte Nude palette looks awesome too!

  10. I love the haul!! I love all the nail stuff! I had no idea you could buy salon size Seche Vite, I must get this! I was a bit hesitant to try it to start with, I've tried so many fast try top coats though and this works the best. With other brands I still had to wait awhile for it to dry, with Seche no time at all.

  11. Epic haul, well done, lovely!

    I love my Poshe topcoat, on my third bottle now but I might give SV a try one day! I do get it put on my nails when I do a mani and it doesn't dry as fast as my Poshe does, though.

    I wonder though, with these fast dry topcoats, if getting a salon size is really a good idea, since they do get a bit tacky after a while (I also have Restore but find it stops working as well on the fast dry topcoats once they get a bit old)?

    1. We'll find out :) but I was recommended it by a friend!

  12. Amazing haul! Love the look of all the nail art things can't wait to see what you come up with playing with it all :)


  13. nail mania!The little fimo canes look fun to play with. You could also make earrings with them :D

  14. Fantastic haul! I love products by theBalm, the packaging is always so cute :) And omg... Those shoes! <3

  15. Oh my god you got so many nice things, JEALOUS! :D x

  16. Ahhhh so many goodies! I also bought some swatch sticks off ebay, but I'm still waiting for mine to arrive! Hopefully they will be here by next week :)


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