Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Furless Brushes

Today I am finally getting the chance to talk about Furless Brushes. I'm sorry that this review has been a long time coming!

I will start off by letting you know a little bit about the brushes. Furless are an Australian Vegan brush company, which means that their brushes are synthetic. The handles are a beautiful navy blue with a golden ferrule. These brushes are extremely soft while still being dense enough to apply and blend the products with ease. I purchased a brush set called the Must Have Pro Set which contains 20 brushes. Shall we dive in?

Let's start off with eye brushes. 

Pro7E - This is a large domed blending brush. This brush is perfect for going into the crease and blending your whole eye shadow look out. I reach for this almost every day for this purpose. I have also used it for contouring my nose!

Pro8E - This one is your basic flat shader brush. It is on the larger side of flat shaders I have tried, however it is great to pack on those lighter colours all over the lid. If this was a bit smaller it would be perfect for me personally.

Pro4E - This one is a smaller, angled version of the Pro8E. The angle is very useful for applying eye shadow in the crease. I like the overall size of this more than the Pro8E and I tend to use it more often.

Pro2E - This one is a flatter blending brush. I'm not going to lie, I don't use this brush a whole lot. When it comes to blending I just prefer my blending brushes to be a little bigger and more domed.

Pro3M - This round ended pencil brush has captured my heart, truly. I have never had a brush like this before and now I can't live without it. It's dense, domed shape is the easiest way I have ever found to apply eye shadow to the crease. If you like to smoke it up you need this one. I absolutely love it!

Pro3M, Pro2E, Pro4E, Pro8E and Pro7E

Next we have some precision brushes.

Pro6E - This is a bent eyeliner brush. These type of brushes are designed to make it easier to apply your eye liner, personally I find little difference between this and a regular eyeliner brush. If anything I think this design is just not for me.

Pro2M - This is a multi purpose precision brush. I love these kinds of brushes when I am creating a precise eyeshadow look, it is especially helpful for small placements of colour. You could also use this as a lip brush or for precise concealer application :)

Pro6M - This one is a tiny pencil brush. This brush is the best brush for using eye shadow as eyeliner. I use this to push eye shadow very close to both my upper and lower lashlines. I haven't had a brush like this before and I use it all the time now.

Pro7M - This angled eye liner brush is a must have in everyone's collection. I have 3 of these from different companies and I use them all for the same thing - filling in my eyebrows. The smaller size of this brush is very useful for a more precise look.

Pro1L - This one is your basic lip brush. Nice and dense so it picks up a lot of product.

Pro1L, Pro7M, Pro6M, Pro2M and Pro6E

Next up we have the lash and brow groomer and 2 concealer brushes.

Pro1E - Is it bad that I didn't own one of these before I got this kit? I have no idea why not! This super  useful to both comb out your brows and to de-clump your lashes after a mascara mishap.

Pro4M - This flat concealer brush is amazing for spot concealing. It is also great to get into hard to get to areas on the face, like around the nose.

Pro1M - This domed ended concealer brush is one of my very favourites from this kit. I use this to blend out concealer under my eyes and it performs the job flawlessly. So much love for this brush, I am thinking about getting another one individually just to have a backup.

Pro1M, Pro4M and Pro1E

Next up we have blush brushes and a powder brush

Pro2F - This pointed contour brush is amazing for applying pigmented blushes. The reason I use it for that is because it is kinda fluffy at the end and dense at the base, so it picks up just enough product and then blends it out effectively.

Pro5F - This one is an angled contour brush. I use this one for everything from cream blush to powder bronzer. This is very similar in application to the Pro2F except it has an angle.

Pro3F - This is a massive powder brush. Extremely soft, but not super dense. As it is so large, I don't find it super great for buffing powder into the skin, it's better for a light dusting of powder.

Pro3F, Pro5F and Pro2F

Now we have some foundation and stippling brushes.

Pro1F - This is a traditional angled foundation brush. When I have used these kinds of brushes in the past I have hated them, but oh my this one is amazing. This blends foundation like no other. If you want a full coverage application of foundation you need this brush. Love love love.

Pro4F - This is a flat top foundation brush. Holy moly, this brush is amazing. If you want a flawless foundation application you need this brush in your life. Between this and the Pro1F I am pretty much set for life. It creates such a flawless finish. Love.

Pro6F - This stippling brush is beautiful for cream blush. I frequently use it to apply and blend out cream blush. It is less dense that the Pro4F so I don't think I would really use it for foundation. 

Pro6F, Pro4F and Pro1F

Lastly we have a fan brush

Pro5M - This is a fan brush. I have never had a fan brush before, but it is really nice for applying highlighter. It is quite dense for a fan brush to it doesn't apply product super lightly, which I thought might be better for a fan brush? This one isn't a favourite to be honest.


Now you can purchase these as a set or you also have the option of purchasing them individually. If you already have a LOT of brushes you may chose to pick up a couple of these individually. My top 6 brushes are the Pro4M flat top foundation brush, the Pro1F angled foundation brush, the Pro1M domed concealer brush, the Pro4E angled eye shadow shader brush, the Pro3M blunt pencil brush and the Pro6M small pointed pencil brush.

These are amazing brushes. I feel after purchasing this kit I have no desire to spend money on more brushes. I was tossing up between getting this set or a set from Sigma but to be honest I am so glad I went with Furless, as I have had not so much as a single hair shed from these babies. I love that they are an Australian company. If you can get your hands on them, do it. You will not regret it. The Must Have Professional Brush Kit retails for $149.95

If you want to get your hands on there you can find their website here.

What is your favourite makeup brush brand?


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  1. I love Furless brushes!! I need to look at the clearance sale they have at the moment :)

  2. Thanks for an in-depth review! I actually only bought a couple of brushes from them a couple of months back but I want to get some more before I do a proper review. I only got 2 from the same line like this with the blue & gold which I love & two bamboo-handled brushes. I'm loving the sound of the blunt pencil brush & the domed concealer brush! xx

  3. They look great, I've been hearing great things about Furless :)
    I used to hate those flat non-flat top foundation brushes before but this one seems great. And I love my flat top brushes :)

  4. oh wow I like their minimalist yet elegant design! thank you for the review! I am so far content with my real techniques brushes but in case I'll look for something new, I'll check this one! ^^

  5. Oh wow the eye blending brushes and the face brushes look soo plush and wonderful! I think I might try ordering from them! I've yet to own any sigma brushes and these look amazing! I checked out the shipping and its so reasonable! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing set !

  6. What a set! It's pricey but I think it's overall quite good value considering how many brushes you get. It's understandable that you now don't feel the need to buy any more brushes now that you have these to fulfill your every makeup need!

  7. AMAZING REVIEW! I've been contemplating whether or not I should pick up this set or a Bdellium set for a while now and I'm still undecided. I may just pick up a few brushes from both brands and see how it goes! I'm definitely going to get that flat top foundation brush!

    1. I have never tried Bdellium so I can't compare bit these really are amazing. If you could only touch them in real life before you bought them!

  8. What a great review! I'm going to need a new brush soon, and I am always on the lookout for vegan options, so this post is very timely :)


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