Saturday, April 20, 2013

Project 30 Pan!

Hey guys! I am officially setting sail on project pan as of today, 20/4/2013!

The Rules of the Project 30 Pan are:

1. My upcoming empties post (April Empties) doesn't count as they were empty before I started this project!
2. If I don't have a backup it doesn't count! ie. nail polish remover, toothpaste, cotton pads, etc don't count, as they are products I frequently use up! I am only counting makeup, skincare, hair products, all of the things I have multiple backups of!
3. If I completely run out of something I can repurchase it. It will be a one in one out policy.
4. 10 samples = 1 full size product. 2 minis = one full size.
5. If I slip up and buy something new I have to add two more items to my total.

The main goal of this is to get around to using all of the products I have before they expire / saving money for other things!

I honestly think this is going to take me like a year to complete guys. But fuck it, I'm up for a challenge!

Any purchases will have to be for a good reason ie. posted on here first for a couple of weeks so I can consider if I really need the item.

I hope you guys are excited about this. This was partially inspired by the lovely Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty, if you would like to read her final thoughts on her 100 day spending ban you can check it out here.

Wish me luck!




  1. Oh wow. Good luck!! I know it takes me forever to finish up a product!

  2. Good luck with your Project Pan! I like the one out, one in rule :) This is definitely a great way to save money as well as use up the products you already have- although sales and new products will be very tempting! Good luck again :)

  3. I admire you for embarking on this challenge - good luck sticking with it and I hope the experience proves to be rewarding :) I need to do something similar but I know that I do not possess the self-discipline to see it through. I'm trying baby steps ... mainly just resisting buying new stuff for as long as possible :p

  4. That's insane! I'm about to do project pan for skincare and body wash and stuff but only for 10! Good luck! :P

  5. Best of luck Mishelle!! It is so difficult to resist but good on you for having a go x

  6. I am so impressed. I am hopeless with using things up. Good luck girl!

  7. Wow you inspired me to do that same! I am STILL sorting through y stuff and I just have soooo much! :P goodluck! xo

  8. Wow such a cool project!
    Good luck! Can't wait to hear how you go with it :) x ♥

  9. I've only every heard of 10 pan... but thirty pan is a great goal! best of luck (:

  10. Ooh wow good luck, I don't think I could be patient enough to use up 30 products before buying anything! I think if I did this I would only be using up foundation, mascara, skin & hair products lol. I definitely couldn't do it with blush, eyeshadow and lipstick haha. xx

  11. Good luck! I wish I could start something as challenging as this, but I know I would fail instantly. I can't wait to read about your updates :)

  12. Good luck! you'll do great :)

  13. Good luck! 30 is certainly a challenging goal.

  14. Oo best of luck! This would be impossible for me to do with makeup but I'm sort of "unofficially" doing this with hair and shower products because my bathroom cabinet is kinda exploding xx

  15. Good luck! One in, one out policy is actually really good and you'll get it used to it! It's a great way to stay away from hoarding habits! xx


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