Sunday, April 28, 2013


When the Rimmel Apocalips got released, they were immediately on everyone's radar. After seeing many a rave review, I knew I had to try them out. So when they popped up on ASOS I went ahead and grabbed a couple, but to be honest with you, they were not what I was expecting!

I read a couple of other bloggers reviews that stated that these were quite long lasting, so I was expecting them to be lip lacquers  These are not lip lacquers, they are just very pigmented lip glosses. They are very very pigmented, and feel moisturising when intially applied, but over time they kinda made my lips feel dryer. The formula goes on very wet and kinda of dries down a little after a while, but your lips still feel moist overall.

My main issue with these is how they wear.  My biggest pet peeve is having lip products that fade in the centre of your lips, and these unfortunately do that. This means that the darker shade, Stella, left kind of a dark pink ring around the outside of my mouth.



I think that Nova is fabulous but if you are going to wear one of the darker shades you may want to wear a lip liner all over your lips underneath, or be in a position where you can touch up easily! I would definitely get a couple more of the light shades but I think I'll be avoiding the darker ones.

I would love to know what your experience was like with these, because I am not as wowed by these as a lot of other people have been. In my opinion they weren't worth the hype!

You can buy the Rimmel Apocalips off ASOS for $9.55.



  1. I bought 2 of these when they first came out but didn't get around to trying them out until the other day. I'm not impressed either. The red one, i think called Big Bang, the colour just transferred on everthing and smeared and it was a nightmare to be honest. I hope the Nude colour one I have is much better.

  2. Stella is such a pretty colour! I haven't tried these yet but really want to, but I do hate it when a ring is left around the lip line, so frustrating especially when you forget to check after a meal! xx

  3. Such a shame you didn't like them! I'm one of the people who found them to be quite good. But each to their own!
    Nova is one of my favourites from the bunch! :) x

  4. Oh no I just ordered two a few days ago! I think I got Nova and Galaxy. I've read so many rave reviews, now I'm not so excited to receive them!

  5. I agree the formula's not anything special, but the colours made up for that for me. Is that really Stellar you're wearing? On me it's a neon coral/orange!

    1. Sorry about that, I took the photo at night so the colour is a bit off! Didn't realise until after I posted it!

  6. They look like great products and I have been tempted to purchase some, maybe after my ban! haha. Shame you didnt like them too much but you definitely chose great colours x

  7. You're the first I've read that didn't fall in love with these!
    Both shades look pretty, but I don't like the lip products that fade either.

  8. The colour 'Nova' looks amazing! I've heard that they were amazing but I guess each persons experience is different!

  9. They are just stunning! I love that nova is like that perfect browner nude which I think would work for me! I've not touched lip glosses for such a long time and I must check out rimmel soon!

  10. I almost got sucked into these by the cool packaging, reading your post makes me feel a little better about not buying them ahah, great post mishelle!

  11. Thanks for the review. It makes it's one less thing to try on the list :)

  12. Stella looks really great! I still haven't decided whether or not to try these, but I think I won't give them a go after all...

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