Sunday, February 24, 2013

Getting my Makeup done at Chanel

Whilst I was at the Chanel counter recently, I was told by the sales assistant that Chanel would be having a makeup event to showcase their spring collection in February. This involved an hour long makeup application costing $50, which you were able to fully redeem on product. So of course I jumped at the idea of getting to sample a few of the Chanel goodies on my wishlist and booked myself in.

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The look

When I arrived on time I had to wait about 15 minutes for the MUA to get to me (I have totally forgotten her name!). I then sat down and she asked me what look I would like to go for. I told her I liked the look on the model for the campaign and that I enjoyed fresh looking skin. She applied a foundation on me at first (which I am not entirely sure what it was) then she promptly removed it as she didn't like the way it was looking. She then started again and proceeded to apply a base, foundation, and concealer. When she had finished my base I mentioned that she hadn't concealed some of the redness around my nose. She then applied some more powder on my over the redness. I must admit, when she did this I think that it kind of wiped more of the concealer away, making the redness worse. I asked her if I could add some more concealer myself, and she said sure so I went in myself and fixed up the spots that I wasn't happy with. She then applied the Soliel Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid on my cheeks and the high points of my face, which looked amazing! Moving onto the eyes, next she applied some of the eyeliners on my eyelids as a base for the foundation. She then applied the eye shadow quad in raffinement, and the brown eyeliner above my upper lashline. The eyes were finished off with a plum coloured mascara, which looked beautiful with the colours in the eye shadow quad. She then applied the blush from the collection quite high on my cheekbones. I think she did a fantastic job at applying the blush, as I often end up looking red with colours like frivole but it looked really pretty higher up on my cheeks! Last of all were the lips, they did not have the bright pink colour from the Spring Collection in stock so she ended up mixing together two of their existing colours as close as she could get to the shade. And that was it!


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I thought I would write a bit about what I thought of each product!

Le Blanc Primer: This primer felt very silky and lovely on the skin. My foundation looked great right until I took it off in the evening, but I'm not sure if it was the foundation or the primer that was long lasting!
Would I purchase?: Maybe. I am in love with my Nars Pro Prime at the moment!

Vitalumiere Fluid Foundation: This foundation had a nice luminous texture to it, with a medium coverage. It looked very fresh and dewy on the skin, however my face was looking quite shiny by the time I got home, so I actually had to re powder for the pictures above! This foundation felt so similar to Bourjois Healthy Mix.
Would I purchase?: No. It felt very similar to the Bourjois Healthy Mix which is a fraction of the price.

Corrector Perfecter Concealer: This concealer was excellent at covering up my redness and the small breakout I'm currently having on my chin. It also had quite a natural finish to it.
Would I purchase?: No. I feel like I get a similar effect with my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.

Soliel Tan de Chanel Sheer Fluid Illuminator: This bronze toned highlighter looked so amazing on my skin! I felt so sun kissed! I would have never thought to use this on myself but the MUA really made it work.
Would I purchase?: Yes, I will keep it in mind for next summer!

Blush in Frivole: A very pretty blush with a nice texture. I wouldn't mind trying a chanel blush in a more nude/pink every day shade, as the formula seems really lovely.
Would I purchase?: Yes, in a different colour!

Stylo Eyeliners in 89, 100 and 102: These seemed like just okay eyeliners. I am really picky when it comes to eyeliners, I want them to be creamy, pigmented and long lasting. The MUA also applied these as a base, yet my eye shadow had creased 2 hours later, so I don't think they'd be amazing for that either.
Would I purchase?: Maybe the lilac one as it was such a unique shade! Otherwise, no.

Brow Kit: These seemed like pretty standard brow powders.
Would I purchase?: No, as I am happy with my current brow routine!

Sublime Mascara: The MUA applied this in a plum colour, which I absolutely loved! It was such a pretty colour, and something a little different from my usual black. However the formula of this mascara clumped my eyelashes together something chronic. I felt like I lost half of my lashes.
Would I purchase?: No. However I would love to try a plum mascara in another brand for sure!

Rouge Allure Velvet Lipsticks: The MUA hasn't listed what colours she used on me. However by the time I got home, you can see the lipstick has all but disappeared. What was left were dry lips with remnants of colours in the lines of my lips. Yuck!
Would I purchase: No way! I will stick to the Rouge Coco Shines!

Eye Shadow Quad in Raffinement

The product I decided to purchase was the Eye Shadow Quad in Raffinement. I love the shades in this quad and I think I will definately get a lot of use out of it, especially in the autumn/winter!

Overall having my makeup done at Chanel was a good experience. I absolutely loved the look the MUA did for me, it looked very beautiful. The only criticism that I have is that my eye shadow creased after only a couple of hours, and my lipstick wore off really quickly too.I didn't eat or drink in between the application and taking those photos when I got home either, so the lipstick is definitely off my list of things to drop $50 on in the near future. I have definitely sampled enough from Chanel now to satisfy my urge to try out more from the brand and I think I got a good feel for what is worth the money from their (very expensive) line.

Have you had your makeup done at a counter before? What was your experience like?



  1. I haven't had my makeup done at a counter before but it must be such a fun experience! What a shame that the eyeshadow creased and that the lipstick wasn't very lasting, disappointing from Chanel! The eyeshadow quad looks beautiful, I absolutely love neutral shades :)

    1. The eye shadows lasted today when I wore them today with a primer!

  2. I would love to get my makeup done at a counter, it would be so much fun! Your skin looks so beautiful but I'm glad to hear that it is similar to healthy mix, yay for dupes! & I really like the cheeks, subtle & pretty. xx

  3. Love the look! It looks natural yet pretty and enhances your features :)

  4. Looking gorgeous, Mishelle! Would love to own some more Chanel cosmetics, too bad they're so damn pricey!

  5. Such a natural look but it defines your features and makes you look so young and fresh! :) I've never had my makeup done at the counter, I liked that you can redeem the cost for products.

  6. You look so fresh faced and pretty!

    I love getting my makeup done as a) it gives us a chance to try more products that we'd have thought to try otherwise, and b) you get to pick up more tips/tricks and get more bang for your buck!

    I actually haven't got anything from Chanel yet but it's on my list of things to get!


  7. You look stunning, Mishelle! Hopefully one day I will get my make-up done at a counter and be able to try out more Chanel products! That promotional photo of their new collection looks fabulous! x

  8. very natural makeup

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  9. You look great lovely!

    I've got the Le Blanc primer, I haven't used it in forever though! I really want to try out their Vitalumiere. I'm surprised they don't use their Vitalumiere Aqua on you, that's their popular one!

    I've got Frivole, I really love it but I like bright blushes. For a more muted colour I'd love at In Love or Rose Ecrin.

    I'd love to see swatches of the quad. Chanel does gorgeous eyeshadows. Try a primer for the creasing?


    1. I got a sample of Vitalumiere Aqua and I loved it, but once again I feel like I'm using a Bourjois foundation! Which isn't a bad thing as Bourjois does my HG foundation!

  10. You look gorgeous! I love getting my make up done at counters, it just a bit of fun hey! Although I've never had it done at Chanel but YSL and Mecca.

    That quad looks so pretty, would love to see some swatches and how you wear them. I desperately want that Poudre Signée de Chanel Highlighter, I guess I can always dream haha

    1. It's so dreamy! There will be a full review on the quad soon lovely :)

  11. The look is so natural and pretty. Perfect for spring! I haven't because I feel as if the ladies can be a bit intimidating, but if I were to get my makeup done, I would just ask for them to do my eyes because I can't do eye shadow and I am pretty sensitive as how I like my foundation to be put on.

    1. They are usually pretty nice! I think if you go into counters/stores confident they are very friendly to you!

  12. You look gorgeous! I had my make-up done at a Chanel counter last week and I ended up buying the same eyeshadow quad as you! I also got the bronzer and a lipstick, athough the lady told me that I didn't have to buy anything. It was a great experience because I usually find that beauty counter staff are so pushy but the lady who did my make-up was so lovely!

  13. Your cheeks are amazing!
    I have had a few makeovers at counter. I have found that most counters (not professional counters like MAC) have no idea what they are doing and think that one look suits everyone.
    The worst I had was at Benefit, who drew my eyebrows on with a blunt pencil (the wrong shade too, way too dark) and she made my eyebrows really thick! I wont even bother mentioning the rest!
    The best I have had has been at MAC, best free one I had was at Kit Cosmetics.

    Keep up the good work on your blog.

    1. The Benefit counter workers don't have to have any professional quantification to get a job there, so that might explain why!

  14. This has been such an interesting post for me as I will be getting my make up done at a Chanel counter next weekend! Very excited and now know which products to steer clear of :)
    Thanks very much. xox

  15. I use the Chanel concealer under my eyes and love how moisturising it, but thanks for the tip that the Rimmel 'Fit Me' is similar - would be great to find a cheaper substitute!

  16. That quad is absolutely gorgeous - I've been eyeing it but can't justify the spend because I have similar shades and I don't really like baked eyeshadows that much. Very pretty look on you, especially the sound of the plum mascara :)

  17. you look really nice with the natural looking make up and the quad is so gorgeous !

  18. This is such an amazing look on you!! I've always wanted to try more from Chanel... I have only tried their vitalumiere aqua foundation and to be honest it was a little too scented for my liking! But that eyeshadow quad looks great.

  19. This looks great on you! Very nice and natural, xx!

  20. Great!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?!


  21. I've been eyeing that quad since it came out, it's so gorgeous. The colours look great on you.

    I love Illamasqua for counter make-overs, occasionally MAC if you get a good MUA.

  22. Raffinement looks so lovely with your eye color! I own it as well and use it all the time!

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

  23. Wow that mascara does look like it clumped a lot! Such a shame as it sounds beautiful :)Love the eyeshadow look!

  24. You look beautiful! I have had my makeup done at the Bobbi Brown counter a few times and they are always sensational X

  25. I think that the history of Chanel cosmetics has something to do with the owners of Bourjois.


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