Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Favourites

This month has gone so quickly, but there has never been a February that hasn't! I haven't gotten too many new beauty products this month, as I have been trying to get to all of the items I got around the Christmas season still. I have been trying to get to everything but there are so many beauty products and so little time!

First up I have to mention how much I am still enjoying the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, and the Nars Pro Prime Primer. This primer is just so wonderful and the foundation just looks so wonderfully natural. I did a full post here if you would like to read a month in depth review!

Do Nars make the best blushes in the makeup world? I think so. Well I haven't tried anything better to date! These little beauties have been on high rotation since Christmas, the shades are (l to r) Deep Throat, Madly and Orgasm. There will be swatches and a full review on each of the shades soon, but until then all I can say is love love love love love.

I will be doing a full review of these Dermalogica products soon! My star skincare product has to be the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. Holy moly you guys, this stuff is the love of my skincare life. It brightens up my skin like no other, after using this my skin looks ridiculously radiant (which it should, I'm only 19 for goodness sake!). The Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser is a fantastic cleanser for those with sensitive skin. With a non foaming formula, it gently cleanses and soothes my skin where likes to flare up with red patches. I think this cleanser is one of the main reasons my skin has been less red lately!

My last beauty favourite is my new makeup setup! Last week I went to Ikea and picked up this baby, the Alex Vika Desk, and boy oh boy it is just perfection for my setup! I will be doing a makeup setup video as soon as I have everything exactly how I want it so stay tuned for that ;)
For non beauty favourites, my biggest favourite of both January and February has been Game of Thrones. I am obsessed! I got season 1 for Christmas and I enjoyed it so much, it is probably equal with my love of Doctor Who now, I think I may even like it a little bit more... Anyways, so I watched season 2 and now I am reading the books while waiting for season 3. I am about a third of the way through the first book and it's just as good as the TV show. My favourite character has to be Daenerys so far, but I love Jon Snow too! Although if I had to pick a house to align with... I think I'd pick the Greyjoys!

Ahh stop being so flawless woman! <3

We do not sow

I have two questions for you guys, one is that what are your favourite Nars and Dermalogica products, and two, if you were in Game of Thrones which house would you want to be in?


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Getting my Makeup done at Chanel

Whilst I was at the Chanel counter recently, I was told by the sales assistant that Chanel would be having a makeup event to showcase their spring collection in February. This involved an hour long makeup application costing $50, which you were able to fully redeem on product. So of course I jumped at the idea of getting to sample a few of the Chanel goodies on my wishlist and booked myself in.

Promotional Image taken from

The look

When I arrived on time I had to wait about 15 minutes for the MUA to get to me (I have totally forgotten her name!). I then sat down and she asked me what look I would like to go for. I told her I liked the look on the model for the campaign and that I enjoyed fresh looking skin. She applied a foundation on me at first (which I am not entirely sure what it was) then she promptly removed it as she didn't like the way it was looking. She then started again and proceeded to apply a base, foundation, and concealer. When she had finished my base I mentioned that she hadn't concealed some of the redness around my nose. She then applied some more powder on my over the redness. I must admit, when she did this I think that it kind of wiped more of the concealer away, making the redness worse. I asked her if I could add some more concealer myself, and she said sure so I went in myself and fixed up the spots that I wasn't happy with. She then applied the Soliel Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid on my cheeks and the high points of my face, which looked amazing! Moving onto the eyes, next she applied some of the eyeliners on my eyelids as a base for the foundation. She then applied the eye shadow quad in raffinement, and the brown eyeliner above my upper lashline. The eyes were finished off with a plum coloured mascara, which looked beautiful with the colours in the eye shadow quad. She then applied the blush from the collection quite high on my cheekbones. I think she did a fantastic job at applying the blush, as I often end up looking red with colours like frivole but it looked really pretty higher up on my cheeks! Last of all were the lips, they did not have the bright pink colour from the Spring Collection in stock so she ended up mixing together two of their existing colours as close as she could get to the shade. And that was it!


Promotional Image taken from

I thought I would write a bit about what I thought of each product!

Le Blanc Primer: This primer felt very silky and lovely on the skin. My foundation looked great right until I took it off in the evening, but I'm not sure if it was the foundation or the primer that was long lasting!
Would I purchase?: Maybe. I am in love with my Nars Pro Prime at the moment!

Vitalumiere Fluid Foundation: This foundation had a nice luminous texture to it, with a medium coverage. It looked very fresh and dewy on the skin, however my face was looking quite shiny by the time I got home, so I actually had to re powder for the pictures above! This foundation felt so similar to Bourjois Healthy Mix.
Would I purchase?: No. It felt very similar to the Bourjois Healthy Mix which is a fraction of the price.

Corrector Perfecter Concealer: This concealer was excellent at covering up my redness and the small breakout I'm currently having on my chin. It also had quite a natural finish to it.
Would I purchase?: No. I feel like I get a similar effect with my Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.

Soliel Tan de Chanel Sheer Fluid Illuminator: This bronze toned highlighter looked so amazing on my skin! I felt so sun kissed! I would have never thought to use this on myself but the MUA really made it work.
Would I purchase?: Yes, I will keep it in mind for next summer!

Blush in Frivole: A very pretty blush with a nice texture. I wouldn't mind trying a chanel blush in a more nude/pink every day shade, as the formula seems really lovely.
Would I purchase?: Yes, in a different colour!

Stylo Eyeliners in 89, 100 and 102: These seemed like just okay eyeliners. I am really picky when it comes to eyeliners, I want them to be creamy, pigmented and long lasting. The MUA also applied these as a base, yet my eye shadow had creased 2 hours later, so I don't think they'd be amazing for that either.
Would I purchase?: Maybe the lilac one as it was such a unique shade! Otherwise, no.

Brow Kit: These seemed like pretty standard brow powders.
Would I purchase?: No, as I am happy with my current brow routine!

Sublime Mascara: The MUA applied this in a plum colour, which I absolutely loved! It was such a pretty colour, and something a little different from my usual black. However the formula of this mascara clumped my eyelashes together something chronic. I felt like I lost half of my lashes.
Would I purchase?: No. However I would love to try a plum mascara in another brand for sure!

Rouge Allure Velvet Lipsticks: The MUA hasn't listed what colours she used on me. However by the time I got home, you can see the lipstick has all but disappeared. What was left were dry lips with remnants of colours in the lines of my lips. Yuck!
Would I purchase: No way! I will stick to the Rouge Coco Shines!

Eye Shadow Quad in Raffinement

The product I decided to purchase was the Eye Shadow Quad in Raffinement. I love the shades in this quad and I think I will definately get a lot of use out of it, especially in the autumn/winter!

Overall having my makeup done at Chanel was a good experience. I absolutely loved the look the MUA did for me, it looked very beautiful. The only criticism that I have is that my eye shadow creased after only a couple of hours, and my lipstick wore off really quickly too.I didn't eat or drink in between the application and taking those photos when I got home either, so the lipstick is definitely off my list of things to drop $50 on in the near future. I have definitely sampled enough from Chanel now to satisfy my urge to try out more from the brand and I think I got a good feel for what is worth the money from their (very expensive) line.

Have you had your makeup done at a counter before? What was your experience like?


Friday, February 22, 2013

My Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday is exactly a month away! I will be 20 this year, that means I'm no longer a teenager. I don't know exactly what I am doing for my birthday yet, all I know is that I have uni in the morning, so I will probably go out for drinks and dinner in the evening. 

1. Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush - I swatched this the other day at Kit Cosmetics and it looks so beautiful. Plus the packaging is too cute to pass up!

2. Barry M Lip Paint in Pale Nude - I really want to try out the Barry M Lip Paints and this nude shade looks really beautiful in swatches.

3. Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Violetta - Two Nars eye shadow duos are on their way to me via a blog sale so I will be testing them out first and if I like them I think I want this beautiful purple duo as well...

4. Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer - I have heard nothing but amazing things about this primer, and considering my under eye area is crease central I'm hoping this is my saviour!

5. Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse - These have blown up in the blogging world last month, I am dying for them to hit Australian shores!

6. bareMinerals Eye Shadow Quad in The Truth - I am loving cool toned browns lately and this palette is definitely next on my list of bareMinerals eye shadows to try...

7. Mac Paint Pots in Vintage Selection and Painterly - I have never tried the Mac Paint Pots and after they released a whole heap of new shades I have been thinking up picking them up in these shades.

8. YSL Rouge Per Couture in Blond Ingenu - I have been super into nudes lately, and this colour is Lana Del Rey's favourite nude lipsticks. She always looks amazing so I think I need this one!

The last item is a limited edition bracelet from Tiffanys, The Return to Tiffanys Heart Tag Bracelet. I have always wanted a Tiffany Bracelet but this one with the tiffany blue enamel heart, omg I can't even. It's so perfect. I tried it on last week in the store and it's so beautiful in real life.


PS: There will be a present for you guys on my birthday too! Yes, that means a giveaway ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top of the Taupes

Does Mac's Satin Taupe even need an introduction? I feel like nearly every blog post I have seen entitled What's in my Mac Palette, and there is a good reason it is such a coveted shade. I own a grand total of two Mac eye shadows, this being the first I ever bought. And boy is she a beaute.

I have been very busy in the last few weeks, and I am sure I will  only get busier when uni starts up again next week. This has made me look through my collection and pull out items that give me a polished look in the least amount of time possible. Satin Taupe is just that, an eye shadow that looks beautiful simply applied with a fluffy eye shadow brush all over the lid and then blended into the crease. It truly is an every day shade, it never looks dramatic or overdone, but it doesn't result in a 'no makeup' makeup look either.

I really think the formula of Mac eye shadows is phenomenal. They aren't so pigmented that you really need to pay attention to what you're doing (I'm looking at you Urban Decay) but they still have fantastic colour payoff. Of course this is just considering the two shades I have sampled from their line.

I love Satin Taupe, I really do. I don't think I'd ever want to be without this shade in my collection, it is just so necessary to me. I would highly recommend this as a first choice from Mac's many eye shadows if you have not yet tried them out, or as an essential part of your Mac collection if you are already an avid fan.

Please let me know what your favourite shade of eye shadow is from Mac, I am going to invest in a 15 pan palette quite soon and I am making a list of shadows to fill it with :)


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

David Jones 2013 Deluxe Beauty Sampler Tote Unboxing

Yesterday I took the opportunity to pick up the Deluxe Beauty Sampler Tote currently on offer from David Jones. I also had a bit of a cheeky splurge at Chanel ;) so of course I had to make a video about it!

The contents!

Will you be taking advantage of this offer?


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sephora on the Lips, a Hit and a Miss

A while ago when I swapped with Daria I was lucky enough to receive of couple of Sephora Lip Products. I have been trying them both out for a while now and thought it was time to share my thoughts on them.

First up is a Sephora Colour Lip Last in Pink Sunset. This lipstick claims to wear 10 hours and has a waterproof formula. First up, I love the packaging on this lipstick. I wish all lipsticks could be in slimline packaging, it's just so convenient.

Pink Sunset is a beautiful bright pink with a matte finish. This colour is really up my alley, it looks just so bright on the lips. Formulation wise, this lipstick has a drier texture however I don't find that it dries my lips out too badly. It's not exactly a moisturising formula but I have certainly worn more dying mattes before. The main thing that I really, really love about this lipstick is it's longevity. This lipstick really does last all day on me. I don't think you exactly get 10 hours, however I have gotten 6-8 hours of wear out of this lipstick with no problems. This is a lipstick I will reach for if I am going into the city all day or going out for a long night for sure. I am really interested in picking up some more shades of this formulation!

Swatchy swatchy, this lipstick is incredibly bold and pigmented

On the lips

Secondly we have a Sephora Ultra Shine Lipgloss in Love Me Pink. This claims to be a moisturising forumla with strong pigmentation. The packaging is just a classic clear lipgloss tube with a doe foot applicator, nothing that special to be honest!

There is something about the smell and texture of this lipgloss that really puts me off. It kind of smells like fermented fruit and the texture is quite gluggy and wet. I can barely wear this lipgloss for 5 minutes without wanting to get it off my lips as soon as possible! Yes it is a non sticky formula, but I almost feel like this lipstick is going to drip off my lips. I know that sounds really gross, I'm sorry!

The base of this lipgloss is a bright pink, as with the lipstick, however it contains blue reflecting microshimmer. This microshimmer tends to turn the overall look of this lipgloss to blue toned, which also looks really bad with my skintone. Blue based pinks have never looked good on me sadly :(

Swatchy swatchy, you can see the blue toned microshimmer here

The lipgloss layered over Sunset Pink lipstick

Have you tried any of Sephora's own brand products? If so which are your favourites?


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Prime and Glow

One of the things I wanted to do in 2013 was delve into the world of high end foundations. First on my list to try had to be Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. So about a month back I wandered on down to Mecca Cosmetica and got myself matched up to the shade Gobi (Light 3). Whilst I was there the assistant used Nars Pro Prime Pore Refining Primer on me and I was so impressed with the way it felt on my skin I decided to get it too and I have been using them together ever since.

Nars Pro Prime and Nars Sheer Glow

Nars Pro Prime and Nars Sheer Glow

Nars Pro Prime Pore Refining Primer really impressed me in store from the way it felt when applied on my skin. It felt very cooling and moisturising on the skin. As someone who suffers with redness flare ups I knew I had to give this a try to calm my skin down. When applied this has a cooling, calming feeling on the skin which I really, really enjoy about this product. I find that my makeup looks fresher for longer when I wear this primer, this is definitely a great product for humidity. However the thing I don't like about this primer is that it is marketed as a pore refining primer. I don't think that this primer really refines pores, either instantly or with extended use. If you want your pores to look less noticeable with makeup I think you would be better with a silicone primer, as these tend to smooth over my pores and make them appear less noticeable. But, I did not really buy this product to refine my pores anyway! I bought it because it felt amazing when it was applied on my skin, and it continues to do so. I think it helps to combat my sensitivity and make my makeup look fresher for longer, and for that reason it's now my favourite primer.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation is a very interesting foundation. I was matched to the shade Gobi (Light 3) which is a more yellow toned foundation. I tend to purchase yellow toned foundations as it helps to combat my redness. This foundation has a light to medium coverage. I tend to still use concealer around my nose and on any blemishes. If I apply this on my dark circles it gathers a little in the fine lines under my eyes but I am yet to find a concealer or foundation that doesn't to be honest. In terms of application, I just can't get this foundation to look good when applying it with a brush! It ends up going streaky and clinging to certain areas on my face. When applied with fingers however it applies pretty darn flawlessly, and the finish is very very beautiful. It is a very natural finish, something I look to in a foundation. I can also wear this foundation and not set it with powder, and I don't end up looking oily which is quite amazing to me! I think I will definitely enjoy wearing this without powder in the wintertime. When combined with the Nars Pro Primer I get fantastic wear time from this foundation, I have worn it to work all day and it has looked just as good when I get home. This foundation also looks very beautiful in photographs, and I can see why a lot of people recommend/have used it for their wedding or a special occasion.

Bare Faced!

Nars Pro Prime Applied

Nars Pro Prime and Sheer Glow Applied

I noticed that as I used this foundation more and more my skin got clearer and clearer. I am kind of freaking out about this because it leads me to believe that perhaps my Bourjois Healthy Mix was causing some of my break outs, which darn near breaks my heart, as it is my holy grail foundation.

Overall I would highly recommend this foundation and primer, they are both fantastic products and I think the wonderful textures and finishes of them make them worth the price.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sorry Guys!

If you guys hadn't noticed, I haven't been posting much in the last fortnight! I have actually been out of town and I thought I would be able to post a bit more while I am here, but taking photos has been impossible! I also did not bring a lot of products with me so my January favourites is going to be a bit delayed... I will try to get a post up tomorrow but if you don't hear from me again until this weekend you know why!

Until then please enjoy this owl burrito!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Rockstar Nails

A while ago I saw a swatch of Butter London's Lovely Jubblies and knew I had to have it. But when I googled swatches online I noticed that people were saying that Sally Hansen's Rockstar was the perfect dupe! So of course I got Rockstar and saved myself $15. 

In Direct Sunlight

In the shade

This polish applies beautifully and the glitter is fantastically dense. I only needed 2 coats to achieve full opacity and for a glitter, I think that's pretty impressive. I love this polish, it is such a fun shade!

Do you own Rockstar or Lovely Jubblies, or any other dupes of this polish?