Friday, December 28, 2012

December 2012 Bellabox + November Reviews!

I actually received my Bellabox before Christmas but in the crazy rush of things I hadn't had time to post about it. So sorry that this is a bit late, but here's what I got in my December Bellabox.

Another month, another Bellabox

1. Savior Faire Palette in Winter - Full Size Product
2. Allegra Rhodes Hand and Nail Cream in Red Lychee - Sample 5ml
3. Anumi Miracle Recovery - Sample
4. Zipettes - Full size
5. John Frieda Frizz Ease - Sample 30ml
6. Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna - Sample Sachets

Now I usually leave the reviews of the products I receive until the following months, but I was playing around with the palette the other day and thought it would be worth giving you some swatches and first impressions.

Blush - Devoted, Eye shadows - Devout, Spicy, Kinetic, Liberating, Vivacious, Immortal,
Lipgloss - Je t'amie, Eyeliner - Onyx

Lipgloss - Je t'amie, Eyeliner - Onyx, Mascara - Noir Black

The thing that kind of annoys me about this palette is that it retails for $110. This seems grossly overpriced. It would take amazing quality and value for me to drop $110 on one makeup item. The blush is lovely and very pigmented. The eye shadows are nice and soft, and the pigmentation is good. However they do not have the amazing, luxurious, buttery texture of other high end eye shadows I own (cough cough Urban Decay, bareMinerals). The lipgloss formula is really lovely. The shade is quite a translucent nude shade and it tastes lovely. I would certainly buy a full size lip gloss in this formula if it wasn't too overpriced. The mascara is my least favourite wand shape ever but I haven't used it yet. The eye liner is rather crap. I need something with staying power, and after I had let this eyeliner set on my arm for 10 minutes, I was still able to smudge is easily with my finger, as seen below.


Overall I applaud Bellabox for including a palette as a Christmas gift to their subscribers, I am just skeptical over whether anyone should or would pay $110 for this palette.

Now for the November reviews!

1. Skinmiso Nose Pore Pack - Didn't see much being done here, would not repurchase.
2. Palmolive Strawberry Smoother Exfoliating Body Wash - Delicous smelling, lovely stuff. Would buy!
3. Bioderma Crealine H20 - Oh my goodness, new holy grail makeup remover. I don't think I can ever go back! LOVE!!!!! Will repurchase till the end of time.
4. 4me Nail Polish Remover Pads - Amazing little product, I have already repurchased 2 more packs off the Bellabox store. Wish we could get them in stores.
5. Bloom Glitter Liquid Eyeliner - I thought this looked really nice but when I applied it it went all over my eyelid and made a huge mess. Was not a fan, would not repurchase.
6. John Plunkett Essentials Anti Aging Moisturiser - Would not use, contains mineral oil.
7. Swisse Hand Cream - For me hand cream is all about the smell and this just didn't do it for me.



  1. I got the same winter palette! I love it and I was happy to receive something worth $110 in my bellabox but yes, I too ponder over why it's actually even priced at $110 in the first place!

    1. Yep it was a wonderful gift to receive, I love Bellabox!

  2. wow that palette sure is generous to give away, especially at that price! There are plenty of other similar palettes on the market for a better price so it doesn't really make sense haha.

    1. $110 is too much. Maybe for Chanel or something but anyone else I don't think the luxury or quality is there for me.

  3. Yeah I agree, I have the summer palette and its a good gift in a samples box, but I wouldn't pay much for it. Most shades I won't wear, the blush is brown, and the lipgloss and eyeliner seem a bit cheap... And I haven't tried the mascara. Great bonus, but it doesn't sell the brand for me.

  4. It's great that you got such an expensive palette in the box (though it does sound overpriced!)... the lip gloss looks amazing! I love Bioderma too!!

    1. Bioderma is amazingggg but it's so hard to get here!

  5. Looks like a nice palette but after converting it into pounds, not £110 worth. I'm in France until Sunday where bioderma is pretty cheap. Do you want me to pick you up a couple of bottles and ship them? Let me know

  6. Love the eyeshadow palette... the shades are fab!
    Just found your blog and love it :) Following you now! Follow back if you like my blog!
    xxx Marina

    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann

  7. I cannot agree with you more about the palette! It is a lovely palette, but to retail for $110 is a little steep. I probably won't even be able to drop $110 on Chanel make-up let alone this palette. Oh and I LOVED what you said about Bioderma, haha made me giggle a little and I agree with you as well definitely HG material :) x

  8. Yeah, I wouldn't pay $110 either. I got the other palette. It's a nice box with a lovely big mirror... but not worth $110. Still, all that for $15, who is complaining!

  9. oh the palette looks great!! but I agree, I don't think it's worth the $110.. T.T
    but $15 for the box is a good price!! :D

  10. I unsubscribed from Bellabox a couple of months ago and thought I would feel like I was missing out, but after seeing what's in the last two boxes I can't say I'm too disappointed...

  11. Hey lovely! I tagged you at the end of my Favourite Beauty Products of 2012 tag because I would love to see what your favourites are! So check it out if you have time x

  12. Glad you're converted to Bioderma - welcome to the fan club! ;) I agree with what you and other bloggers have said about the palette being "worth" $110 - that just seems outright ridiculous! The shadows look nicely pigmented and soft though.

  13. Got the same stuff as you in my Bellabox. I would not pay $110 for the palette. I think savoir faire is grossly overpriced to begin with.

  14. That's a very nice palette! But $110 for that is way too much ahahaha, I'd rather stick to paying for a nice Urban Decay palette.

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