Monday, December 31, 2012

My Favourites of 2012

Another year has flown by, so without any further ado, here are my favourites of 2012.

Beauty Favourites of 2012

~ Face and Base ~

Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder is the best face powder I have ever tried. It leaves a sort of satiny finish whilst still keeping oil at bay. It does not make me look super cakey or powdery, as other powders have in the past. This is now my third compact of it and I will continue to repurchase it in the future. Some have compared this to Mac's Studio Fix Powder, but I haven't personally tried it.

Models Prefer Mattifying Primer is my go to primer for when I am going out at night or want to look extra nice. It really helps to smooth over the skin and make your foundation go on flawlessly over the top. This silicone primer is a dupe for a high end primer I have used in the past - look out for the comparison post coming soon!

Bourjois Healthy Mix is my all time favourite foundation. My favourite thing about it is that it gives the perfect amount of coverage for me, and it blends in well to your skin that it's not obvious you have makeup on. It lasts very well on my skin and I love the shade 51 as the yellow undertones really help to  correct my redness that I sometimes get on my cheeks, nose and chin.

I have also fallen in love with Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer in the past few months. This concealer is great because it works well both under the eyes and on blemishes. I do prefer the slightly more liquid formula of their Age Rewind Concealer, however the packaging with the sponge on top was unhygienic to start with, and then it broke on me, so I have fallen back on this one. 

MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Face Base is a fantastic primer that I have been using for the past month. This primer not only smells delicious but it makes my skin feel really moisturised too. I like to use this primer on days when my face feels a bit dull or dry, and this helps to perk it up really well!

~ Cheeks ~

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle was a product I didn't initially love. I felt it was too glittery and chunky and it left glitter all down my face the first time I used it. But as I dusted away the first layer of product I feel like the product got less chunky and became more of a refined sheen. I use this highlighter most days, and I just love it to bits.

Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator in Angel Mist is a beautiful Liquid Highlighter, that is very similar to Benefit's High Beam. This is a product I reached more for in the winter, for a pearly glow on my cheekbones. For the huge tube (50ml) at the low price ($15?) it's a must have product.

Natio Terracotta Rose Bronzer is a matte bronzer that I use every day to contour my cheekbones. As someone with a rounder face, I find contouring a must do step in my every day routine. Sadly this product is now discontinued so I will have to find something new once I run out of this :(

I found these Rimmel 3 in 1 Blushes on clearance a few months back and I did not expect them to be as good as they are! The shades when blended together are a corally pink and a rose pink, they are both so flattering and do not look over the top, which is a problem I often have when it comes to blush.

~ Eyes ~

Lancome Mascaras have been a long time favourite of mine. For dramatic eye lashes I don't think you can find a better mascara, I have tried so many of their formulas and I have loved every single one of them. At the moment I am using Hypnose Doll Eyes but my favourite is the regular Hypnose formula that I was using earlier this year.

Australis's Liquid Liner is my go to liquid eye liner. This is such a cheap eye liner and on me it lasts all day, and goes on incredibly black in only a single swipe. What more could I ask for?

Maybelline's Full and Soft is my favourite every day mascara. If I am not doing much that day and I would just like my lashes to look nice and defined this is the mascara I will reach for. It never clumps and it separates your eyelashes beautifully.

Essence's I <3 Stage Eye Shadow Base is such a fantastic dual purpose product, as it can be used both as a concealer and an eye shadow base. If I have very dark eyes from not sleeping well, the yellow undertone of this base this completely masks it. It is not the most amazing eye shadow base for making your shadows stay on forever, but it's fantastic for brightening up your eyes.

I forgot to include them in a photo, but I also wanted to add Australis's 10 Hr Pencils to the mix. Come on Australis, please bring out some more colours, they are such an amazing formula!

The Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette has been hyped up massively online for a while now so I finally got my hands on it this year, and I absolutely love it. The colours are beautiful and so pigmented for the price, I use this palette a lot for the beautiful duo chrome shade in the bottom right.

The Innoxa Naturally Nude Quad was something I just happened to stumble upon in stores this year and I think it is a fantastic little palette just to have. The matte shades on either side are colours I use on a daily basis, and I would repurchase again more those alone.

Maybelline Color Tattoos are another much hyped product and the limited edition shade Barely Beige has been a huge favourite of mine this year. This colour is such a time saver on a super busy morning, I just swipe it over the lid and I am good to go. I hope that Maybelline make this shade permanent!

Mac's Satin Taupe is an eye shadow that I was unimpressed with at first but I have slowly started to really love the shade. This is lovely both all over the lid or used as a crease shade to deepen up any look. I love the tone of this, it is just incredibly flattering.

Urban Decay's Eye Shadow Palettes honestly speak for themselves. I have both the Naked Palette and the Vice Palette and they are my favourite eye shadows that I have ever tried. If I really had to pick two palettes to use for the rest of my life, I could easily be happy with just these too. I cannot recommend them enough.

~ Lips ~

Mirenesse's Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine's were definitely a favourite of mine this year. I collected five of the shades when they were giving them away free with Women's Day magazine, but colour 47 is my go to colour. I would highly recommend these if you are a lipgloss lover, they smell amazing, and they feel so moisturising on the lips. 

Australis's Colour Inject Lipglosses are a handbag staple for me. Non sticky and so affordable, I love the shade contemporary, it is such a nice nude lip gloss. They aren't too pigmented, but they do add a glitter free shine to the lips, which is just what I need sometimes.

Revlon's Just Kissable Balm Stains were a huge release from Revlon this year, and the hype surrounding them was definitely justifiable. These go on as a glossy balm but as they wear off the lips they leave a stain that lasts a really long time! I think that the darker shades in the range perform best.

I was lucky enough to win a Dior Ultra Reflect Gloss in 127 earlier this year and the reason this gets some love from me us because it definitely got me back on the lip gloss train! The formula is probably my favourite ever, however at the price they sell for, I don't know if I'll be getting anymore soon.

I haven't had the Sephora Lipstick for long, but I have been wearing it almost every day since I got it! The colour is pretty much a vibrant pink, and the long wearing formula isn't too drying on me, which is a first! I want to get more of these in the future!

Face of Australia's Lipstick in Lychee Crush is a cult Australian favourite, and for a good reason. It is a peachy nude shade in a creme formula. This doesn't stick to the dry patches on my lips as bad as some other formulas too! This is my favourite shade of nude lipstick ever.

You are probably sick of hearing me talk about Mac's Impassioned, but this is probably my favourite lipstick of all time. If you are brave enough to wear neon pink lipstick, please do yourself a favour and get this damn lipstick. 

And last of all I have to mention Korres Lip Butters as best low maintenance product. These are great if you're not up to wearing a heavy product on your lips but you just want to add a little colour and shine to the lips. I wish they came in tubes though!

~ Skincare ~

Carmex Moisture Plus with Pink Tint is by far my favourite lip balm. Not only does it moisturise my lips but it also leaves a pink glossy tint on the lips. Another item that is always in my handbag.

Palmer's Line Smoothing Eye Cream is such a nice, moisturising eye cream. After going out and getting samples of cult favourites of higher end eye creams, I was unimpressed until I took a chance on this product and I loved it! All I need it for is to moisturise under my eyes and for that purpose it works wonderfully.

Bioderma Hydrabio Micellar Water is such a cult favourite and I can tell you that it definately lives up to the hype it receives. I am a total convert, I don't think I can ever go back to another makeup remover, this is truly the best of the best!

Mario Badescu's skincare line is something else that has really impressed me this year. Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel is just an awesome basic cleanser that does an excellent job of cleansing without drying out my skin. It also smells lovely and fresh! The Drying Lotion is my spot treatment of choice on really big nasty pimples. The Hyaluronic Day Cream is also my new favourite moisturiser, you can feel the hyaluronic acid really helping the dry areas on your face.

Natio Ageless Firming Night Cream is product I reach more for in colder weather. If my face is feeling quite dry, I put a thick layer of this on in the evening and in the morning my face feels much better.

Dermologica's Microfoliant is the best exfloliater I have ever tried. It comes out as a white powder and you just mix it with a little bit of water and it becomes a very light scrub that leaves my face feeling so soft and lovely. I feel such an improvement in the texture of my skin after using this!

Witch's Blemish Stick is a product I also use as a spot treatment, but generally for smaller breakouts and areas that are a bit red and inflamed on my face.

Lush's Mint Julips Lip Scrub is a great little product for dry lips, just rub some of this between your lips to get rid of any dry skin. This is a must have for wearing matte lipsticks.

~ Body ~

Lush honestly win this category for me all round. Their shower gels in Ponche and Grass are just amazing and so refreshing to use. Coco Lotion is my favourite body lotion because it smells good and it absorbs quickly into the skin. Love love love.

~ Nails ~

My favourite top coat is Seche Vite. For nail colours this year, my most used are Bourjois Beige Glamour, OPI Russian Navy, Butter London Knackered, Face of Australia Castle on a Cloud, Ulta3 Watermelon, Essence Absolutely Blue and Loreal French Riviera.

Non Beauty Favourites of 2012

~ Music ~

I saw one of my favoruite bands, Death Cab for Cutie in January this year and it was such an awesome concert. I have been listening to them since Plans came out back in 2005 and they are just a band who can do no wrong in my opinion. The intimate setting of Perth Festival Gardens was just beautiful and it is definitely a night I will remember for a long time.

And here is an appropriate song by them for tonight :)

One artist I absolutely fell in love with in 2012 is Lana Del Rey. I am going to be that person right now, but hell that girl is flawless. I love her sound, her look and the songs that she writes. I love her film clips and as well, they are just fantastic. Born to Die is an album I have loved start to end, there is not a song on there that I don't love, which isn't something I can say for a lot of artists.

~ Books ~

I have read less books this year than I have in the past, due to study and such. However I did enjoy reading The Walking Dead comics earlier this year. I have to also give a huge mention to The Hunger Games as I read all of the books at the start of the year and loved them to bits. John Green's The Fault in Our Stars is another favourite, nerdfighters for life! World War Z however was my favourite book this year, it's written as a historical account of a zombie apocalypse, just wonderful.

~ Movies ~

I have been looking forward to the release of The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie since I heard rumours of it back in 2010. This was a book that I read back in high school that was one of my favourites and it really stuck with me. The movie really did the book justice (considering that it was directed by the author). I feel like everyone can see a bit of themselves in Charlie. See this movie.

As I have said above, I read The Hunger Games at the start of the year and I went to see the midnight premiere of the movie, long story short it was amazing! I absolutely cannot wait for the next films, one is coming out in 2013 yay!

~ Television ~

If any of you are fans of Skins you will know the main show ended this year with the completion of season 6. I loved the third generation cast (except Frankie, she needs to gtfo) and season 6 was really great. I have been a fan of skins for a couple of years now and I could definitely relate to the show in high school. I am really sad to see it go however they are doing some skins short films that will be released next year, so I am looking forward to them wrapping up the series forever!

Archer is show I would highly, highly recommend to you. Long story short, it is s completely hilarious animated style sitcom about a spy agency called Isis and it's crazy employees. I love the art style, the smart ass humour and the characters are just spot on. They released some new episodes at the start of 2012 and they have a new season (13 episodes) coming out on January 17. 

So that pretty much wraps it up guys! Wow this post look me so long to write. I wish you all a safe and happy new years and I'll talk to you in 2013!


EDIT: I totally forgot to include my Real Techniques Brushes, but they are in here too!

Friday, December 28, 2012

December 2012 Bellabox + November Reviews!

I actually received my Bellabox before Christmas but in the crazy rush of things I hadn't had time to post about it. So sorry that this is a bit late, but here's what I got in my December Bellabox.

Another month, another Bellabox

1. Savior Faire Palette in Winter - Full Size Product
2. Allegra Rhodes Hand and Nail Cream in Red Lychee - Sample 5ml
3. Anumi Miracle Recovery - Sample
4. Zipettes - Full size
5. John Frieda Frizz Ease - Sample 30ml
6. Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna - Sample Sachets

Now I usually leave the reviews of the products I receive until the following months, but I was playing around with the palette the other day and thought it would be worth giving you some swatches and first impressions.

Blush - Devoted, Eye shadows - Devout, Spicy, Kinetic, Liberating, Vivacious, Immortal,
Lipgloss - Je t'amie, Eyeliner - Onyx

Lipgloss - Je t'amie, Eyeliner - Onyx, Mascara - Noir Black

The thing that kind of annoys me about this palette is that it retails for $110. This seems grossly overpriced. It would take amazing quality and value for me to drop $110 on one makeup item. The blush is lovely and very pigmented. The eye shadows are nice and soft, and the pigmentation is good. However they do not have the amazing, luxurious, buttery texture of other high end eye shadows I own (cough cough Urban Decay, bareMinerals). The lipgloss formula is really lovely. The shade is quite a translucent nude shade and it tastes lovely. I would certainly buy a full size lip gloss in this formula if it wasn't too overpriced. The mascara is my least favourite wand shape ever but I haven't used it yet. The eye liner is rather crap. I need something with staying power, and after I had let this eyeliner set on my arm for 10 minutes, I was still able to smudge is easily with my finger, as seen below.


Overall I applaud Bellabox for including a palette as a Christmas gift to their subscribers, I am just skeptical over whether anyone should or would pay $110 for this palette.

Now for the November reviews!

1. Skinmiso Nose Pore Pack - Didn't see much being done here, would not repurchase.
2. Palmolive Strawberry Smoother Exfoliating Body Wash - Delicous smelling, lovely stuff. Would buy!
3. Bioderma Crealine H20 - Oh my goodness, new holy grail makeup remover. I don't think I can ever go back! LOVE!!!!! Will repurchase till the end of time.
4. 4me Nail Polish Remover Pads - Amazing little product, I have already repurchased 2 more packs off the Bellabox store. Wish we could get them in stores.
5. Bloom Glitter Liquid Eyeliner - I thought this looked really nice but when I applied it it went all over my eyelid and made a huge mess. Was not a fan, would not repurchase.
6. John Plunkett Essentials Anti Aging Moisturiser - Would not use, contains mineral oil.
7. Swisse Hand Cream - For me hand cream is all about the smell and this just didn't do it for me.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas and Boxing Day Goodies!

Merry Christmas to everyone for yesterday. I hope that you all had a wonderful and relaxing day. I got up early and made a big lunch, and then I ended up watching television and having a nap for most of the afternoon. This was the first Christmas where it was just myself and my partner. It felt really different not being with my family, but it was impossible to see them as I worked Christmas Eve and today. Anyway, here are some photos of the day and the presents I received.

Lunch was Roast Lamb and Fried Chicken

Our table decorations

The tree in the day and the tree at night

The Christmas Totoro

I have pictures of some of my gifts but not all of them sorry :)

The Body Shop Shower Gel, Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume, The Body Shop White Musk Perfume

Games of Thrones Season 1 Collectors Box Set and Super Pokemon Rumble for 3DS

Bird earrings, when I went to take the photo one of the birds legs broke off :(((((

Yay Nars!!!

Nars Blushes in Deep Throat and Madly, Mini Blush in Orgasm

Now I had to work Boxing Day (today) so I only got to look at Boxing Day sales for half an hour at the end of the day. However, I did manage to pick up a couple of items at a good deal :)

I got these Fossil Makeup Bags from work for 45% off. I just thought they were cute. I don't know what I will use them for yet!

Fossil Bags Set

On my way out of the centre I went past Lush and they had some items on 50% off. I freaked out when I saw Coco Lotion on sale with the limited edition items, but the lady has assured me that they are not discontinuing it, they were simply discounting their old stock. So I got these three for just over $30, what a bargain!

Ponche Shower Gel 500ml, Tree Tree Water Toner and Coco Lotion,

 I have to run now as I am having dinner with my partners parents in approximately 5 minutes.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

December Empties

I didn't do an empties last month because I didn't use up many products. I don't know how some of you go through products so quickly, it takes me for ever to finish anything. Like my new cleanser I have had for a few months but it's only just hit a quarter gone. Maybe I am just slow! Anyways, now it's the end of the year and I have used up a few to share with you guys.

Face of Australia Nail Strengthening Polish Remover - I love you Face of Australia, but this Nail Polish remover is just crap. Did not remove very well at all. I will be going back to Cutex next time.

Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray - On the rare occasion that I straighten all of my hair (I usually just do my fringe) I will use this heat tamer spray. I have had this bottle for ever, it is great and although it weighs your hair down a little bit with product it helps to keep your hair straight for longer too.

Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Cleanser - This product is a cleanser and toner in one, it's a liquid formula that you pour onto a cotton pad and use to wipe away your makeup. I love this stuff BUT I love Bioderma more, so I don't think I'll repurchase.

Lush Coco Lotion - I am dying to purchase a new tub of this but I promised myself that I would use up a couple of old moisturisers before I get a new one. On my list to repurchase.

Natio Eye Makeup Remover - This is an excellent eye makeup remover, it's just not my number one favourite. It does not leave any residue behind which is nice, but it did make my eyes a little sensitive.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Looks ft. Cate!

I love doing makeup on others as much as I do myself. I would absolutely love to start freelancing as a makeup artist, but I feel like I wouldn't know where to start to get jobs. I am thinking of maybe asking around to do ball makeup for high schoolers to get me off my feet. I just need to invest in a few more shades of foundation and I would be good to go. Maybe I should try to do a night course in makeup artistry? Anyway, I took the opportunity the other day to try out some makeup looks on my lovely friend Cate, and she was kind enough to model for me. I hope you enjoy.

Look 1:
1. Apply bareMinerals Prime Time Face Primer all over the face.
2. Apply Physicians Formula Mineral Correcting Powder onto problem areas.
3. Apply Nude by Nature Powder Foundation on face.
4. Apply Maybelline Fit Me concealer on dark circles.
5. Apply bareMinerals The Star Treament Palette shade 5 on the lids, shade 7 in crease.
6. Apply Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette Shade 8 on outer third of eyes.
7. Line eyes with Essence Gel Eyeliner in London Baby above the upper lashline.
8. Apply Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara to lashes.
9. Apply Face of Australia Blush in Nutmeg to cheeks.
10. Apply Natio Terracotta bronzer below cheekbones in upward motion.
11. Apply Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Whisper on Guilt on tops of cheekbones.
12. Apply Revlon Ginger Rose Lipstick.
13. Apply Australis Colour Inject Lipgloss in contemporary.

Look 2:
1. Apply bareMinerals Prime Time Face Primer all over the face.
2. Apply Physicians Formula Mineral Correcting Powder onto problem areas.
3. Apply Nude by Nature Powder Foundation on face.
4. Apply Maybelline Fit Me concealer on dark circles.
5. Apply Loreal Eye Shadow in Iced Latte all over lids.
6. From the Urban Decay Vice palette apply Rapture in the crease and and Vice on the outer corner.
7. Line above the upper lash line and below the outer half of the lower lashline with Australis 10 Hr Eyeliner in Grape Cake.
8. Apply Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara to the lashes.
9. Apply Australis Blush in Shoot to Thrill to the Apples of the cheeks.
10. Apply Australis Lipstick in Honkey Tonk.

I would love to know which look you liked the most, and if you would like to see more posts like this in the future!


PS: I am not sure how many posts will be up in the next week due to Christmas craziness!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Free Glasses?

Hey everyone

About a month and a half ago a company called Firmoo contacted me asking me if I wanted to try out a pair of their glasses and review them for my blog. I said, sure why not! I received the glasses a couple of weeks ago and have been trying them out so that I could give you an honest review.


The style of glasses that I picked out appear to no longer be available, so sorry about that guys. However I will tell you that these glasses are excellent. The lenses have great clarity, the frame is very sturdy and the paint does not appear to wear off easily (a problem I have had with cheap sunglasses before). These are not a cheap pair of sunglasses, they are really great quality in my opinion.

I will also tell you a bit more about the company and a great deal they are offering. Firmoo are a global online optical store that specialise in prescription glasses, designer glasses, sunglasses and specialty eyewear. But the best thing about Firmoo is that they have now launched a First Pair Free Program to people  worldwide. This program provides you with your first pair of glasses for free, you only have to pay the shipping costs! This gives you a chance to test our their quality before you buy. They also offer refunds or exchanges if you are unhappy with your purchase. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

Head on over to to get your free glasses!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review,


PS: This is a sponsored post, Firmoo sent me the glasses for free, this did not influence my opinions obviously

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Summer Brights Collab with Julz Perri Nails!

Hey everyone! It is a huge honor to be guest posting on Mishelle's blog today. I've been following her beauty blog for a long time, and being a fellow Perth resident is even more exciting!

Today my post is all about Summer Brights (and Mishelle has a guest post on my blog as part of the collaboration) so I decided to come up with a few 'bright' nail ideas for summer!

The first design I did I picked out all my favourite bright colours & got to work creating some cute summer nail art. I used China Glaze Spontaneous, Electric Beat, Flip Flop Fantasy, GaGa for Green and Papaya Punch! I used a few other nameless colours for the details too :) So here is my little Summer Brights decal mani

Then I got to thinking of some Summer brights nails that even the ladies that aren't into nail art can wear. The obvious first choice was a bunch of happy little colours across your nails like this;

 It's really easy & fun. I find the best way to make multiple colours pop, is to alternate between warm and cool. So purple is cool, pink is warm, green is cool, orange is warm etc.

Then I thought, gradients are pretty easy for non-nail art fans - hey, even my sister gave it a go. So I decided to finish off the look with a sponged tip in a different shade of the same colour - when using the same colour it's called ombre`, if you change colours (as I do later in the post) it's called a gradient. So this is an ombre` look below.

Now try wearing that around without getting a compliment or two! Gradients are easy - if you're interested in giving them a go, just get a makeup sponge, paint the second colour of polish onto the end and dab it on - voila`! You're very own gradient nails :)

Now not to end it there, I thought it might be fun to do a gradient that looks like the beach, because seriously, here in the scorching Aussie summer, a majority of our weekends are at the beach or pool if we can make it! So I did a gradient of sand & water to create the look below;

Then I added some white dots just because. I think it almost looks influenced by indigenous art. Don't you?

And that's all I came up with! I hope that you try out a design or two as they range from nice & simple to a little bit more involved.

HUGE thank you to Mishelle for the collaboration & I look forward to many more guest posts in the future :)

If you guys aren't already following Julz, check her out at Julz Perri :)