Monday, October 15, 2012

Presents from Vietnam ♥

Hey everyone

So my family got back from Vietnam last night and they brought me some awesome presents that I just wanted to share with you :)

It's all red for some strange reason haha :)

My mum knows that I love Lancome Mascaras so she very kindly bought me a Hypnose Drama Doll Eyes at duty free. I haven't tried this one before so I'm excited!

How adorable is this little lipstick case!

It has a mirror inside :)

My brother bought me this lady ornament :) it's actually two layers of jewelry boxes :)
I just love her!

They also bought me some clothes but I couldn't really photograph them that well sorry.

They had an awesome time, I want to visit Vietnam now too!



  1. Awww the jewellery ornament looks adorable! I would not have expected that it was a jewellery box though haha! :)

    1. I know right! Her head and body are like hollow and the hat is a lid to the head and the head is the lid to the body :)

  2. It's probably all red as in Asian cultures (well at least for the Chinese), red is a lucky colour. Whenever we do exams at uni (and we did this in high school too), we would humour our parents and ourselves by wearing red underwear, socks etc for luck.

  3. Yay presents from another country! That beaded bag is gorgeous!

  4. that lipstick case is so cute!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  5. Beautiful presents! Lucky you! Vietnam looks fantastic and I can't wait to visit, I watched the final 'Anh does Vietnam' on Sunday and it's just so amazing! I hope you enjoy your presents :)

  6. hey! i'm vietnamese ;) you guys should all go to VIETNAM since it's soooo beautiful.. when I went, I didn't pick up any beauty products but i surely will next time :)

  7. All of these are amazing! Can't believe how beautiful that lipstick case is :)x

  8. Wow! I have a similar lipstick case with mirror but that has been made in India:)

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