Monday, October 22, 2012

Magic Mondays #2 Women in Comedy :D

Hey everyone!

So I am a huge fan of comedy, especially stand up and skit based comedy. However I feel that women are often very under represented in the field, which makes me quite sad :(

However, one of my favourite places to watch comedy is on YouTube, especially because there are a lot of hilarious women on there! So this post is just me showing some love to my top 5 female comedy YouTubers. I hope that this cures your Monday-itis!

Community Chanel

Daily Grace

Jenna Marbles



Who are your favourite Youtubers?



  1. Oh have you heard of glozell? Search her on youtube! She is hilarious! I love this post :) you made my Monday! xx

  2. Jenna Marbles!! I friggin love that woman, she's hilarious!!... but she's also one of the reasons I end up going to bed at for that.. I hate her a little....that's a lie, I can't hate someone that's that funny!


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