Thursday, October 25, 2012

FOTD: Vice Palette #2 aka Cat Eyes

Hey everyone,

So today's Face of the Day was taken at 6:00pm at night!

Why so late you might ask? To show you the wear time of the Urban Decay Vice Palette of Course!

Eyes - Penny Lane on the Lid, Muse in the crease, Black Market on the outer V
I am using Urban Decay Primer Potion also :)
I am pretty tired haha!

Today I did a cat eye like shape with my eye shadow and I really like the effect!
Especially with my glasses on it looks awesome :D

Now as you can see the intensity of the eye shadow on the top center part of the lid is fading, and a lot of Muse in the crease has faded. But it's not easy to tell because you don't see it when your eyes are open!

Overall, I don't think the wear time of these is the best ever EVER but it still performs very well.



  1. I love this look :) It actually makes you look awake, not tired! :)

  2. I love this makeup! it looks so beautiful on you!
    you're right it doesn't look so bad when your eyes are open :-)

  3. This looks really lovely and the colours blend so well together xx

  4. really lovely look x

    great post x
    looking forward to your next one!
    Natali x

  5. This looks fantastic! A great look and so sexy! You're pretty darn talented!


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