Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Thoughts on Counterfeit Products & Update on Fake MAC at Target Scandal

Hey everyone

In the light of the current Target scandal today I wanted to write a bit of an opinion post on counterfeit products and the true cost of them.

Fake MAC Cosmetics from eBay

Counterfeit cosmetics are everywhere. Online, at market stalls and shady unauthorized retailers. If you know where to look on any given day, you could come home with a bag full of counterfeit cosmetics in any given city in Australia. As beauty bloggers, we all like buying makeup, and in Australia, we pay a lot for it. When it comes to luxury brands, we are often pay three times the amount we would in the US, and this can seem unfair. Sadly Australia is a tiny market for most luxury brand companies and they aren't too concerned about bringing us the best prices. But that is another topic for another time.

The price of luxury brands in Australia has made many people look for ways to import from the US and other countries that get a better deal. And this is perfectly okay. However, this has sadly resulted in a lot of people buying what they believe to be parallel imports, when really they are cheap and nasty counterfeits.

So why is counterfeiting such a bad thing? In terms of cosmetics, there is a huge likelihood that these products have not been through any kind of testing or regulations regarding ingredients. Here is a link to an article regarding a counterfeiter who sold makeup on ebay.

Health care worker, 24, sold £40,000 of toxic Chinese imitations of top make-up brands from her bedroom

She was selling cosmetics that had three times the amount of legal lead contained in her products. You have no idea what these products contain, how could you even think about putting them near your face? When we spend hundreds of dollars on skincare and have routines to stop anti-aging and break outs, I don't understand why anyone would risk an infection or even something horrible like a chemical burn.

So yesterday it came out that Target were selling MAC counterfeit cosmetics. I think that it is disappointing that a household name like Target would act in this manner. If someone like me could go into your store and doubt the authenticity at first glance, how on earth did it slip through your departments to actually put out these products onto the shelves?

Target Sued by US Gaint for Selling Fake Cosmetics

Of course there are some people who actively seek out counterfeit products. Counterfeit handbags of house names are a dime a dozen. But why do people actively seek out fake products? To flash a logo and think you're a better person because you can afford such an item?

But did you realise that counterfeit goods fund criminal activity? Here are some links.

Counterfeit Goods Fund Violent Gang Activity

The True Cost of Counterfeit Goods

I can understand people wanting to have the real thing without the massive price tag. If you genuinely admire the product but can't afford the luxury version, why not just find something in a high street shop that is a similar style? The high street is always imitating the current trends of luxury items, it won't be difficult. And you know, your money won't go towards funding drugs or human trafficking.



  1. What was surprising about the Target news was that you'd think they put in necessary measures to verify the authenticity of the MAC products they were selling! Most people would trust Target to sell authentic goods - must've been quite a shock to have discovered they were actually fake :\

  2. Absolutely. I seriously hope that Target did think that they were authentic, if they sold them to consumers and knew that they were counterfeit I would be very disappointed.

  3. I'm pretty sure Target thought it was authentic because they're such a massive company. I'm not standing up for them just because I work for them. Why would they want to intentionally sell counterfeit products and risk tarnishing their reputation? And besides, it really hasn't been proven that the MAC products are counterfeit - testing is still ongoing. I dare say that if Target goes down, so will their supplier who guaranteed them that the MAC products are genuine.

    P.S. I've awarded you the Liebster award

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  5. "M·A·C Cosmetics has conducted extensive testing in our US laboratories and found that M·A·C marked products that were, until recently, being sold at Target Australia are counterfeit"

    That is the statement from MAC and they know their products better than Target do. I can't say that I haven't lost respect for Target, because I have. But I also can't say what Target's true intentions were because I am not affiliated with them obviously :)

    Thank you for tagging me hun :)

  6. Oh god, I thought Target, being a huge company, would check clearly with their suppliers. The prices are way too cheap that it is impossible to buy MAC cosmetics at that price even you are a make-up artist. (In Hong Kong make-up artists has a card issued by MAC that they can purchase at MAC at a lower price). Well to purchase cheaper MAC cosmetics unless you are travelling overseas, or there are services that will re-direct ur mail from US to AUS, or there are buyers in overseas would do the flavour as well..
    There are a lot of counterfeit brushes on eBay as well. The best way to buy genuine products is to shop in counters, but pretty pricey in Australia though.

    1. I have used shipping forwarding in the past and and had better luck with that :) you can't put a price on your skin's health

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