Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Best Face Masks!

I love face masks. As someone who sometimes over-stresses, I enjoy using face masks to take some time out from life and just chill out. Here are the ones that I recommend you trying out!

Lush's Oatifix - 75g for $15.95

First off can I just say  that this mask smells delicious, like a warm sweet breakfast on a cold winter's morning. Lush says that this is a blend of oats, bananas, almonds and vanilla. If I have no blemishes I can wear no foundation after using this mask. It calms your skin and gives it an amazing luminosity. This is definitely a mask to use before you are going to a big event and want to look flawless. The only downside to the Lush fresh face masks is that they have an expiry date of 3 weeks from when they were made, not from when you opened them. This is because of the use of fresh ingredients. I get 5 uses out of this mask, and I apply a moderate layer to my whole face.

This mask leaves my face glowing. I would recommend this to people with dry or sensitive skin.

Palmer's Purifying Mask - 120g  for $9.95

This mask smells more like a traditional body lotion, with a lovely mixture of almonds.  Palmer's says this  mask contains Kaolin Clay, Cocoa Butter, Aloe, Almond Oil, Chamomile and Milk. It gives me a very even looking skin tone, and it really seems to balance my skin's chemistry. Palmers claims that this mask tightens and cools your face, and I agree that is certainly the overall effect. It also says that it will draw out impurities in your skin, so maybe avoid using this one before an event. This tube would last my quite a while as I don't apply it very thickly. This is a lovely standard face mask and widely available.

This mask restores balance to your skin. I would recommend this to any skin type.

Formula 10.0.06's Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask

This mask smells strongly of oranges, and I adore the smell of oranges! Formula 10.0.6 says this mask  contains Orange, Bergamot, Sea Salt and Cucumber. This mask is highly clarifying. It zaps blemishes and helps to clear up break outs and problem areas. Formula 10.0.06 claim that this mask cleanses impurities for a cleaner, brighter complexion. I am not sure that it brightened my skin but this mask performs when it comes to cleaning your skin. You want to avoid putting this mask on sensitive or dry areas of your face or you may experience stinging. If you want to try any of the Formula 10.0.06 masks, they are also available in trial sachets with 2 uses worth. This is what I first used before buying the full size.

This mask clarifies and helps to clear up oily skin. I would recommend this to oily skin types.

So what are your recommendations when it comes to Face Masks?



  1. I love the Lush mask. It smells amazing and leaves your skin so soft :)

    1. I know hey, I think it's my Holy Grail face mask :)

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  3. Love lush face mask too! Great smell and leaves the skin feeling soft.

    1. The smell is amazing, just like their porridge soap!

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