Saturday, September 1, 2012

Product Rave: Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons

Hey eveyone!

So everyone has been talking about these for such a long time now, I know I am late on the bandwagon, but my goodness am I regretting not getting on earlier! I thought these jumbo pencils were gimmicky and childish but the formula has totally won me over. Maybe it's just because I have been a lipstick girl for a far while I never learned towards gloss/balm type products. But oh nelly, these blew my mind. These feel like how I wanted the Revlon Lip Butters to feel. 

They are soft, creamy and moisturizing with just a tint of colour. I can't explain how much of pleasure it is to wear these. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE

The Face of Australia Sheer Lip Crayons are a limited edition item available at Priceline for $14.95. However at the moment they are on sale for $11.95 - so pick them up now!

Onto the pictures

They are 3.8g each

Out of the pack.

Swatched on Lips

Swatched on skin

Just freaking buy these. OKAY



  1. Haha I love the enthusiasm :) I really appreciate FOA's pricing of these, packaging all 3 in a set and making them really affordable for lip product junkies.

  2. Haha, this was a pleasure to read, I feel the same!


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